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Management Team. Partner Organizations. Advisory Team. Capital Space technology development generates a very high rate of spin-off technologies that play a key role in some of the most impactful innovations on Earth communications, computing, energy, etc. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Many hard science fiction novels published in the s had sort of a sociological tone. Kornbluth again, and Judith Merril with its depiction of a triumphant and oppressive militarism. In its underlying premise, Star Bridge follows the same idea, with its vision of a thousand-year-old business venture, the Eron Corporation, that has become so rich and powerful that it rules the inhabited galaxy -- it is now the Empire of Eron, reminiscent of ancient Rome.

The basic plot: Against the immense, corrupt, decadent and pitiless Eron Empire, fate or maybe something else -- a shadowy master manipulator pits a single man: Alan Horn. Horn is a cold, hard-edged, and extremely competent outlaw, who is eventually forced to give up his embittered, detached loner mindset when he finds himself pursued by the entire might of Eron.

Horn avoids capture for a while with his sure reflexes and extraordinary resourcefulness, but eventually he realizes that no man can stay ahead of Eron forever. His answer: He will fight back. He will single-handedly bring down the mightiest empire of all time. Along the way, he gets entangled with various colorful characters, and falls in love with Wendre, the daughter of the Emperor he has assassinated. While Star Bridge may reflect a certain fifties sci-fi mindset, such a categorization doesn't do it justice.

With its fast pace, amazing imagery, brilliantly imagined physical situations, terse but subtly philosophic tone, and its constant action, Star Bridge transcends its time and place of origin.

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More than fifty years have passed since I first read it, and many books I admired as a teen don't hold up so well when I try them again now. Star Bridge holds up completely. This is not only a classic tale of hard science fiction, arguably the best ever written, but one of the greatest stories of high adventure, regardless of genre. Star Bridge was one of the first science fiction novels that I read growing up, and my paperback copy shows the signs of wear and tear that indicate how often I have gone back to it.

Van Vogt. As a historian and political scientist, I find the use of the Historian as a character a fascinating feature of the book. Star Bridge conveys a true sense of wonder that piqued my interest in the genre when I was a child, and I am very happy to now have it available in digital form for readers who can no longer find a paper copy. I do not know whether Williamson or Gunn contributed the most to its writing, but it doesn't matter. It is a tribute to both of them that this book has stood the test of time. Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. The best underrated and unrecognized and perhaps unappreciated science fiction novels of all time.

A must read for any fan of the genera as James Gunn's Star Bridge is a masterpiece. It has all the elements in all the right proportions, the narrative is not dated as some of the older classics are, but it was written in such a way that it transcends pun intended time and space. It holds up as great novel today against anything out there.


Williamson had problems making the idea work, so that it took 10 more years plus James Gunn's assistance to finally make a story out of the idea. And what a story! I first read this novel at the age of 9, just a few years after it came out, and have periodically re-read it every so often since then. I outgrew much of what I read in my teen years and before, but this book is one of those stories that I still enjoy now as much as I did then.

This story succeeds on more than one level. Most obviously, it is a fastpaced adventure story. On another level, it's one of those stories where things aren't quite what they seem at first glance. Or at the second third? That, I think,is what keeps me coming back to this novel -- the thought that I may see something in it that I missed on the previous reads. One thing that completely perplexes me is how unknown Star Bridge is, even among science fiction fandom. It is in the top rank of Williamson's work that goes for Gunn, too , yet I find that even big fans of Williamson often have never heard of it.

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Hopefully there will be enough demand for used copies of this book that someone may do another reprint. I think it's about time -- and it would really be cool if it were to be made into a movie. The book was lost in a move and I have been casually looking for replacement ever since. I received a copy from Amazon and re-read the book in one weekend. It is just as good as I remember and has "aged" better than I. The science and the fiction are both very, very good.

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I can't understand why it has never been made into a movie. I came across Star Bridge well over 20 years ago, and after college, could never find it again. Since I could not remember the title or author, I spent the last ten years obsessing over finding it, and was thrilled when I stumbled on just the right Google search of my few memories of the book to find it.

I was afraid that in rereading at this stage in my life, I would not find the book quite as engaging as I found it when I first read it. Happily, I was wrong, and enjoy this book just as much as I did when I first read it.

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