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When driving between the mountains and beach, be sure to stop in Lanai City to explore the restaurants and shops, or peruse the collection of ancient artifacts at the Lanai Culture and Heritage Center. Visit Pearl Harbor and tour Oahu on a self-guided day trip. Capture memories that last a lifetime. Earn 20 points each day you sign in with a social network.

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Holidayme’s list of 101 fun things to do in Dubai!

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An email regarding your password change has been sent to your email address. My ultimate intention is to produce a guide which includes all you need to know about Australia. Time zones — 3 in total Eastern Standard Time. Central and Western Standard Time. When visiting check the requirements for visiting Australia and check if you will need a visa. Unless you are a New Zealander the answer will invariably be yes. Click here to find out about your visa options! If you are planning to make a more permanent move to Australia it may be useful to contact an agent to help with the application process this is what we did though I know many people prefer to save money and go through the process themselves.

There are obvious things such as drugs and weapons and also a lot of other items such as fruit, vegetables, meat, shoes with mud or clay attached, and some wooden items etc which you will need to be aware of.

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If you have an unlocked mobile buying a prepaid sim card is relatively easy. If you are moving to Australia and need a longer term solution then pay monthly contracts are available. Telstra, Optus and now Vodafone seem to be the main providers in Australia. Virgin Mobile is also available and uses the Optus network. You will probably need to bring an adaptor with you if you want any electrical items to work! You can buy them in Australia or at the airport but to save money why not purchase before you arrive?

I recommend the following! If you are making a more permanent move there are things you will need to know before arriving in Australia and soon afterwards, If you are working you will need a Tax File Number. If you are staying longer than 3 months you will need to apply for a state driving licence.

Do not underestimate just how large Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world! We drove from Brisbane to Cairns a few months ago and after 19 hours of driving we were still in the state of Queensland!

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Australia is served by many international airlines. Once you are in the country and want to travel by air the main airlines are Qantas , Virgin Australia , Jetstar and Tigerair. If you book well ahead of time fares can be relatively inexpensive in my view though others may not agree! There are many coach companies that cross Australia so plenty of options — if you have the time and are OK with long journeys! It can often be cheaper and definitely quicker to fly so I would recommend comparing costs if you are on a budget or short on time!

Greyhound Australia has a national network across Australia. You can purchase a Short Hop Pass which gives you 30 days to travel.

You can get on and get off as many times as you like between two preselected major cities. Greyhound offer other pass options so if traveling Australia by coach is something you are happy to consider I would recommend checking out their website for further information. Home to two of the greatest train journeys in the world both of which are HIGH on my bucket list the Ghan and the Indian Pacific are journeys many Australians as well as visitors aspire to take. As well as the iconic rail journeys there are other train services connecting the main cities in Australia such as the Spirit of the Outback between Brisbane and Longreach.

Local services enable easy commutes into major cities and services are generally punctual and regular. Australia is a huge country and the climate varies depending on where you are! The north of the country has a tropical climate while the south has a more temperate climate. In the north there are 2 main seasons — the wet and the dry. If you want to experience 4 seasons then the southern states of Australia will provide that! It is summer and is pretty hot everywhere! However this is not the best time to visit tropical areas.

Queensland has sub-tropical to tropical climate and can be humid very humid the further north you go. If possible if you are planning a trip to northern Australia I would recommend to visit in the Australian winter June to August when it will be warm and dry. During the wet tropical cyclones are a possibility and this is also stinger season when deadly jellyfish infest the warmer tropical waters.

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If you are heading to one of the many beaches around Australia the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast in Queensland are warm and sunny for most of the year. Keep the climate in mind when planning travel around Australia to get the best out of your trip. TIP — The sun in Australia is very strong with high UV scores all year round in tropical areas so it is vital to remember to stay sun safe and wear a hat and sunscreen when out and about.

The currency in Australia is the dollar — the Australian dollar. Banks are open — 4pm Monday to Thursday and until 5pm Fridays. Larger banks are open on Saturday mornings but do check first! Shopping centres malls can be found in all major towns and cities across Australia. Aldi is now making an appearance too in some areas. Gumtree and Facebook marketplace are great sources of second hand goods.

Beautiful at any time of year, a summer sunset from these crumbling walls is something extra-special to behold.

Push it down a hill! Awesome indeed, eh Gromit? Every year on the last Monday of May, a group of what can only be described as crazy people hurl themselves down a very steep hill in pursuit of a large lb Double Gloucester cheese. The tradition is centuries old and is apparently rooted in a pagan ritual celebrating the return of spring. Each race lasts about 30 seconds, if that, during which hundreds of competitors roll, bounce and slide down the m, gradient slope. See www. Sign up today for free and be the first to get notified of new articles, new competitions, new events and more!

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