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We simply focus our members' views, giving them a platform for 'challenging conservation'. Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council BARC has been established in with the aim of coordinating systematic agricultural research in the country. BARI Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute is the largest multi-crop research institute conducting research on a large number of crops, such as cereals, tubers, pulses, oilseeds, vegetables, fruits, spices, flowers, etc. Besides variety development, this institute also carries out research on non-commodity areas, such as soil and crop management, disease and insect management, irrigation and water management, development of farm machinery, improvement of cropping and farming system management, post-harvest handling and processing, and socio-economics studies related to production, marketing, and consumption.

Verordnung zum Schutz wild lebender Tier- und Pflanzenarten vom Oktober BGBl. A four-year research project gathering together scientists from 24 countries. It reviews and comments on all the European literature, while considering the biological trees, insects, associated organisms, and their relationships and forest management aspects. However, although focused on the European forest, it also compares the available information and interpretations to those concerning similar species in other continents.

It ends with propositions of research priorities for Europe. The book is directed to all scientists and students concerned with forest entomology and ecology, as well as to forest managers and all scientific public interested in forest biology. The BBC is the largest broadcasting organisation in the world. Its mission is to enrich people's lives with programmes that inform, educate and entertain.

It is a public service broadcaster, established by a Royal Charter and funded by the licence fee that is paid by UK households. We are an executive non-departmental public body, a public corporation in accounting terms and a charity. We were founded in , incorporated by Royal Charter in The organisation changed its name to British Expertise in August BCPC promotes the use of good science and technology in the understanding and application of effective and sustainable crop production.

The Belgian Co-ordinated Collections of Microorganisms BCCMTM constitute a consortium of four complementary research based culture collections serving the scientific and industrial communities on a worldwide basis, while keeping the Belgian needs especially in focus.

" My Arse for Akou ". A Wartime Ritual of Women on the Nineteenth-Century Gold Coast. - Persée

It issues the monetary signs, banknotes and coins which are legal tender and the territory of the members States of the Union. The creation, issue and cancellation of monetary signs are decided by the Council of Ministers. Despite the development of srciptural payment media, banknotes and coins continue to be widely used by economic agents transactions. The exchange of banknotes between the member States of the Union is favoured by the single monetary signs. As far as printing is concerned, the Central Bank is permanently seeking to improve the authentication of its monetary signs with a view to enhancing the security of the banknotes it issues.

The decisions respectively taken in and for the renewal and completion of the banknotes and coins in circulation fall within that scope. Global access to a variety of scientific, technical, environmental, legal and capacity building information is provided in all 6 of the UN languages. Completed in It is an endeavour to build the prototype of a Belgian bioinformatics infrastructure to integrate within a unified environment several Belgian Biodiversity resources. The Biodiversity and Ecosystems NEtwork, BENE, is designed to foster enhanced communications and collaborations among those interested in biodiversity conservation and ecosystem protection, restoration, and management.

Established in , the internationally recognised Bulletin of Entomological Research aims to further global knowledge of entomology through the generalisation of research findings rather than providing more entomological exceptions. The Bulletin publishes high quality and original research papers, 'critiques' and review articles concerning insects or other arthropods of economic importance in agriculture, forestry, stored products, biological control, medicine, animal health and natural resource management. The scope of papers addresses the biology, ecology, behaviour, physiology and systematics of individuals and populations.

We work to educate and promote conservation awareness and sustainability by providing technical guidance, data and support for Botanic Gardens in over countries worldwide. Founded in , the British Geological Survey BGS is the world's oldest national geological survey and the United Kingdom's premier centre for earth science information and expertise.

The BGS provides expert services and impartial advice in all areas of geoscience. Our client base is drawn from the public and private sectors both in the UK and internationally. It was established in In these years there were frequent incidents on the borders with East Germany and Czechoslovakia, and the occupation authorities became convinced of the need for a competent border police.

The BGS was organized along paramilitary lines in battalions, companies, and platoons, and was armed as light infantry.

Himmelberg, Wolfgang

It remained a police force controlled by the Ministry of Interior rather than by the Ministry of Defense. BIBB works to identify future challenges in VET, stimulate innovation in national and international vocational systems, and develop new, practiceoriented solutions for both initial and continuing vocational education and training. Its services and products including saving and currenting accounts, debit and credit cards, pension plans, mortgates, remmitances delivery, consumer and commercial loans, and other banking operations. With the BIG users are in first line of concrete information factual information on plant genetic resources.

It brought together some 30 researchers in the fields of biology, ecology, mycology, nematology, entomology, computing, film making and engineering. The task of compiling biodiversity information bases that are adequate to support international conservation efforts is huge. It will be possible only through the concerted efforts of many agencies and many, many individuals. The BioCASE project will establish a web-based information service providing researchers with unified access to biological collections in Europe while leaving control of the information with the collection holders.

BioCASE enables widespread unified access to distributed and heterogeneous European collection and observational databases using open-source, system-independent software and open data standards and protocols. This database included basic data on all insects introduced for biological control, and was maintained by David Greathead even after retirement, until his death in at the age of The database should be a key information resource for biological control researchers, pest management specialists, those working on alien species, biological control regulatory authorities, quarantine regulatory authorities, taxonomists and ecologists.

When David Greathead stopped updating it in , it contained records. The database is open to the public and provides advanced tools for querying, analyzing, modeling, and visualizing patterns of species distribution in Israel. As a signatory to the Rio Convention of , Germany is committed to achieving its goals. The Convention underscores the need to gain an understanding of ecosystem performance and diversity, so that we can use this knowledge to develop strategies for the conservation and sustainable use of diversity.

In order to find answers to these mission-critical questions, we need a broad range of concepts and scientific paradigms, as well as extensive interdisciplinary research. Consensus had grown that concertation and co-ordination at European scale is urgently required to implement long-term and large-scale marine biodiversity research and to plan the adequate use of the European research infrastructure. Many research questions cannot be addressed at local scales and require cooperation and the establishment of a committed network of scientists and institutes.

There is no agreed common methodology for many aspects of biodiversity research; this needs careful preparation. It is concerned with helping developing countries to recognise and know the organisms that constitute and threaten their biodiversity, not for taxonomy's own sake, but rather to support national programmes for sustainable agricultural development, and conservation and sustainable use of the environment.

What's in a name? Quite a lot, we think: a name, after all, is something very personal. With a one-off minimum donation of 2. BIOPAT is a non-profit-making association set up to raise funds, through donation, for use in making taxonomical descriptions of biodiversity, systematically recording it, and ensuring its preservation. BIOSIS is a non-profit organization that delivers flexible information services — including databases and customized information products — to the global life sciences community.

BIOSIS processes approximately , items each year, from primary research and review journals, books, monographs, and conference proceedings. The BIOSIS information system, a pool of material totalling over 13 million citations at the end of , is available in several formats. Today ist a Product of Thomson Reuters: BIOSIS research databases provide you with today's most current sources of life sciences information, including journals, conferences, patents, books, review articles, and more.

While, initially, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF was open to fund the initiative, meanwhile several African countries and partner institutions added funding. The project, from its beginning, had a very visible continent-wide dimension and is still expanding especially with regard to its role as a "Biodiversity Observation Network" on the African continent. The most comprehensive on-line database for species and protected areas in South East Asia.

It provides descriptions, pictures, distributional data with maps, information on uses and conservation status of many thousands of flora and fauna species across the ASEAN region, including the protected areas and country profiles of the 10 ASEAN countries. BITNET is an international digital telecommunication network that links more than 1, research organizations and educational institutions in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Each participating institution contributes computers, leased communication lines, personnel, and communication software.

The primary purpose of BITNET is to enable exchange of noncommercial information in support of a member institution's mission of research or education. The Ministry is also responsible for research funding, supporting the specially gifted, promoting up-and-coming scientists and funding international exchanges in the fields of initial and continuing training, higher education and research.

Our vision is to advance our knowledge of the natural world, inspiring better care of our planet. Our mission is to maintain and develop our collections, and use them to promote the discovery, understanding, responsible use and enjoyment of the natural world. Development cooperation aims to help resolve crises and conflicts in a peaceful manner.

It aims to help ensure that scarce resources are more equitably shared, and that our environment is preserved for coming generations. And it aims to help reduce global poverty. Biocontrol News and Information is a news, reviews, commentary and abstract journal designed to keep its international readership quickly and fully informed of current developments in biocontrol. The journal covers all aspects of the use of living organisms to control pest animals, weeds and plant diseases. This national data banking activity dates from , and covers the fields of marine physics, chemical, underway geophysics and general information on French oceanographic cruises and data sets.

Bombay Natural History Society BNHS — a membership-driven organization - has been promoting the cause of a natural India for the past years since It was started by 8 Mumbai citizens, of which two were Indians. It is funded by member states, foreign governments and international agencies. The board examines and encourages the application of science and technology in problems of economic and social development and functions as an oversight body for all activities undertake by its committees. Board members frequently are invited to participate in specific projects, as they so desire.

The Board was formed in to advise on overseas trade and the official export-promotion programme. It liases between government and private industry to expand overseas trade, advises new exporters on foreign tariffs and regulations, assists exporters in displaying products in trade fairs, etc. BRAHMS is a powerful and flexible database management system for botanical researchers and herbaria, providing wide-ranging and innovative functionality to assemble, manage, edit, analyse and publish your data.

The BRAHMS project works globally with herbaria, research institutions, individual scientists and NGOs supporting collection management, taxonomic studies, botanical survey, diversity analysis and numerous botanical research initiatives. In , systematic studies on non-medical bacteria were added to this Institute's mandate. By , the science Program responsible for developing and maintaining the Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids, and Nematodes had about 16 million specimens.

Bangladesh Rice Research Institute is the foremost agricultural research institute in Bangladesh, located in Gazipur. Presently, in accordance with the provisions of the Bangladesh Rice Research Institute Amendment Act, Act V of , a Board of Management holds full responsibility to determine the policies and undertakings of the institute within the framework of policy directives issued by the Government of Bangladesh. It was the search engine that in powered Bibliographic Retrieval Services BRS commercial operations with 20 databases including the first national commercial availability of MEDLINE ; it has changed ownership several times during its development.

BSGN seeks to enhance the visibility of and raise awareness about environmentally sound practices and about the successful implementation of environmental initiatives of the global community in general, and UNEP in particular. It is a network of partners that will help to encourage knowledge sharing and promote replication of successful practices wherever possible.

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BSGN is a UNEP-wide service showcasing the impacts of its work, that of its collaborators, and the global public towards poverty alleviation, sustainable development, and environmental protection. The Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety to the Convention on Biological Diversity is an international treaty governing the movements of living modified organisms LMOs resulting from modern biotechnology from one country to another.

It was adopted on 29 January as a supplementary agreement to the Convention on Biological Diversity and entered into force on 11 September The BSPP welcomes members from all over the world and from all branches of plant pathology. We support the professional interests of plant pathologists worldwide and provide information and communicate with our members via a newsletter, website and annual meeting. We organise regular scientific meetings, edit three international pathology journals and make funds available to members for travel, short term.

The control of symbiosis in tropical forest for application in the context of forestry development projects, requires the prior development of our basic understanding of the biology of these associations. This is why the program BSSFT reserve plenty of room for basic research on the ecology, physiology and soon the genetics of two tropical tree symbioses partners. The originality of BSSFT lies in the fact that the results of basic research can more easily be exploited in the context of applied research programs that basic researchers and applied side by side in the laboratory. Founded , BTG is an international specialist healthcare company that is developing and commercialising products targeting critical care, cancer and other disorders.

The company is seeking to acquire new products to develop and market to specialist physicians, and is building a sustainable business financed by revenues from sales of its critical care and interventional oncology products and from royalties and milestone payments on partnered products. Different from provincial agricultural research institutes ,CAAS is China's national agricultural research organization ,directly affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Our mission and direction is influenced by our member countries who help guide the activities we undertake. These include scientific publishing, development projects and research, and microbial services. It pays no income tax on surpluses.

Computer-aided design CAD , also known as computer-aided design and drafting CADD , is the use of computer technology for the process of design and design-documentation. Computer Aided Drafting describes the process of drafting with a computer. CADD software, or environments, provides the user with input-tools for the purpose of streamlining design processes; drafting, documentation, and manufacturing processes.

CADD output is often in the form of electronic files for print or machining operations. The development of CADD-based software is in direct correlation with the processes it seeks to economize; industry-based software construction, manufacturing, etc. Slight changes were made in the title of subsequent convocations during to The Chinese Academy of Forestry CAF is a multi-discipline, comprehensive and public interests research institution affiliated to the state forestry administration. CAF is a financial institution, established in , that supports sustainable development and regional integration in Latin America.

It promotes a comprehensive development agenda aimed at growth that is sustained, sustainable and of high quality through credit operations, grants, technical support, and financial structuring of projects of public and private sectors. The paper describes the structure of the TDRI records and ways in which the fields are indexed and provides several examples of output produced by the system.

It offers significant ICT education programs integrated in the basic curricula of pre-school, primary and secondary levels. It also offers online learning that are specifically designed to guide young learners, adult beginners, and professionals in enhancing their productivity with the aid of the current ICT tools. Almost 5 million people live in arid and semi-arid communal lands covering almost half of Zimbabwe. Despite the dryness and difficult conditions, a wide range of wildlife is also found here. It works with the people who live in these communal lands, supporting the use of wildlife as an important natural resource.

We are a Community of four countries that decided voluntarily to join together for the purpose of achieving more rapid, better balanced and more autonomous development through Andean, South American and Latin American integration. We have planned to move ahead in deepening an integral integration process that will contribute effectively to sustainable and equitable human development, in order to live well, with respect for the diversity and asymmetries that agglutinate the different visions, models and approaches and that will converge in the formation of the Union of South American Nations Unasur.

The Caribbean Natural Resources Institute CANARI is an independent technical and research organisation, which analyses and promotes the participatory management of natural resources in the islands of the Caribbean. For more than twenty years, the Institute has developed a thorough knowledge of issues related to participatory management. The results of its research and analysis in this field have been disseminated throughout the Caribbean region through publications, technical assistance and training.

The CAP combines a direct subsidy payment for crops and land which may be cultivated with price support mechanisms, including guaranteed minimum prices, import tariffs and quotas on certain goods from outside the EU. Reforms of the system are currently underway reducing import controls and transferring subsidy to land stewardship rather than specific crop production phased from to Detailed implementation of the scheme varies in different member countries of the EU.

CARDI is developing, adapting and transferring innovative technologies to promote agricultural sustainability in the Carribean. The CARDI Mission is to contribute to the sustainable economic well-being of the Carribean people by the generation and transfer of appropriate technology through research and development with the agriculturalvalue chain.

Afrikanische Meister – Eine Reise zur Kunst der Elfenbeinküste

The Caribbean Documentation Centre houses and provides access to United Nations publications, with the emphasis being on the publications of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. The collection consists of government documents, journals, serials, texts, and other information resources of relevance to the sustainable social and economic development of the Caribbean region. The West Indies Federation came to an end in but its end, may be regarded as the real beginning of what is now the Caribbean Community.

The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute CARIRI is the preferred technology consultant, industrial problem solver and provider of independent testing and analytical services in the region. We are confident in our ability to help any business - large or small, locally, regionally or internationally - solve their problems, improve their processes and develop new products. CARIS was created by FAO in to identify and to facilitate the exchange of information about current agricultural research projects being carried out in - or on behalf of - developing countries.

It identifies research projects dealing with all aspects of agriculture including forestry, fisheries, human nutrition and environment. CARIS is a cooperative system in which participating countries input references to the research conducted within their boundaries and, in return, draw on the information provided by the other participants.

Chinese Academy of Sciences CAS is a leading academic institution and comprehensive research and development centre in natural science, technological science and high-tech innovation in China. Some published subjects in the report series are: It is only recently that the implications of declining biodiversity for sustainable agricultural production and environmental protection have been recognized… Plant cell and tissue culture is now an established method which can be used for clonal propagation of plant material.

While such propagation may be uneconomic for field crops which can be readily propagated from seed, the prospects for clonal propagation of woody perennials are greater… Biological control.. The Commonwealth Family is a network of civil society organisations that promote the objectives and principles of the Commonwealth amongst its members. Whilst affiliated to the Commonwealth, they are not an integral part of it, and membership of each Commonwealth Family institution is optional. Now housed at the CAS. As of March , , specimens have been cataloged in the Department of Herpetology.

Since , the centre offers a one-year postgraduate course for young professionals and scientists for project management for rural development which focuses on competencies in development policy, planning methods and social and communication skills. One of the key elements of the course is a three-months field project.

Two studies with specific recommendations for IFSP and partner institutions are available. Our major collections include paper documents more than 1. The collections emphasize agricultural science, biology and agricultural engineering. To arrest this degradation process and for scientific and sustainable management of the resources, Desert Afforestation Station was established in at Jodhpur.

There are four Regional Research Stations located in different agro-climatic zones to work on location-specific problems. Biological diversity - or biodiversity - is the term given to the variety of life on Earth and the natural patterns it forms. The biodiversity we see today is the fruit of billions of years of evolution, shaped by natural processes and, increasingly, by the influence of humans.

It forms the web of life of which we are an integral part and upon which we so fully depend. This diversity is often understood in terms of the wide variety of plants, animals and microorganisms. So far, about 1. Scientists reckon that there are actually about 13 million species, though estimates range from 3 to million. Biodiversity also includes genetic differences within each species - for example, between varieties of crops and breeds of livestock. Chromosomes, genes, and DNA-the building blocks of life-determine the uniqueness of each individual and each species.

Central College of Bangalore is one of the oldest colleges in science in India. This college originally affiliated to Madras University part of Mysore State. In , Central College was transferred to Bangalore University a new university formed to meet the needs of the people Bangalore. Faculty members have made original contributions in the fields of Fluid Mechanics Mathematics , Organo silicon chemistry, peptide synthesis and organo-metallic chemistry chemistry , Aquatic Biology and Fisheries Zoology , tissue-culture techniques for rare plants Microbiology and Botany , Petrology and Geochemistry Geology , Highway road research Civil Engineering , mulberry research Sericulture , collection of rare Kannada manuscripts and cultural folklore artefacts and translation of significant works of literature from Indian languages into Kannada Kannada and in Oral History.

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Coral Cay Conservation CCC is an award winning specialist in coral reef and tropical forest conservation. You can join our projects as a volunteer, researcher or specialist and work hands -on, out in the field. With our new conservation breaks, mini expeditions and special discounts - we offer a responsible alternative to active breaks away, plus the chance to travel with a purpose and really making a difference in the places that need it most.

The CCCE, a specialized financial institution, is the lead agency in the French Ministry of Cooperation and Development in providing funds for aid and cooperation.

Synonyms and antonyms of Abidjan in the German dictionary of synonyms

The Caisse provides support for development and technical assistance in developing countries, particularly in supporting economic and social development in Africa and in various countries on the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean and the South Pacific, and in overseas French departments and territories where it supports productive private and public investment. The Caisse was created in December ; headquarters are in Paris, France. The international community has long recognized that desertification is a major economic, social and environmental problem of concern to many countries in all regions of the world.

A bibliographical format, which is first of all characterized by considering kinds of documents, which are underrepresented in library cataloging. It follows ISO It is thus intended for, for example, indexing and abstracting services. They have been able to accept that there will be different practices in record creation resulting in records which, when merged into a database, will show their different origins. CCFD also boasts a network of 15, volunteers spread across 99 diocesan committees and local teams. CCI's mission is to increase exports of U.

Representing the export promotion interests of the U. Established in , CCIC monitors and analyzes federal policies on foreign affairs, aid, trade, debt and defence and communicates its findings to members and the public. The Council brings to the Canadian foreign policy-making arena the unique experience and knowledge of Canadian development practitioners and their Southern partners.

The Caribbean Development Bank CDB , is a regional financial institution which was established by an Agreement signed on October 18, , in Kingston, Jamaica, and entered into force on January 26, The Bank came into existence for the purpose of contributing to the harmonious economic growth and development of the member countries in the Caribbean and promoting economic cooperation and integration among them, having special and urgent regard to the needs of the less developed members of the region Article 1 of the Agreement establishing CDB.

No country has succeeded in reducing poverty in a sustainable manner without economic growth. Successful businesses employ and train people, pay taxes, and create and operate infrastructure. The GIB is in the form of a non-profit company to be established, with the federal government as the sole or majority shareholder. Minority interests could benefit from federal countries eg North Rhine-Westphalia and are perceived by business associations eg the BDI.

A strong representation of employees in the supervisory board should the "ownership" - concept into account. Three development agencies have put forward an innovative proposal for an integrated global program to defend the market share of cotton. The program would consist of agricultural production research to increase yield, improve quality, and lower production costs ; industrial research to give cotton desirable end-use properties such as permanent- press and make it more compatible with high-speed textile machinery ; technical assistance to mills in developed and developing countries to facilitate the transfer of newly developed cotton technologies ; and marketing and promotion to strengthen the image of cotton as a desirable fabric and to promote its new features.

The proposal calls for the establishment of an intergovernmental organization, to be called Cotton Development International CDI , which would be funded in part by cotton-producing countries and in part by aid donors and would complement the efforts of existing organizations to assist cotton. It conducts applied development research and training in areas related to sustainable natural resource management.

The CDR works towards poverty reduction, food security, and well-being for the most vulnerable population. We collaborate with a wide range of partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America. CD-ROMs are popularly used to distribute computer software, including video games and multimedia applications, though any data can be stored up to the capacity limit of a disc. These are called enhanced CDs. ECA's mandate is to promote the economic and social development of its member States, foster intra-regional integration, and promote international cooperation for Africa's development.

ECA's dual role as a regional arm of the UN, and a part of the regional institutional landscape in Africa, positions it well to make unique contributions to member States' efforts to address their development challenges. Its strength derives from its role as the only UN agency mandated to operate at the regional and subregional levels to harness resources and bring them to bear on Africa's priorities.

The aim of the organization with headquarters in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, was the establishment of a free trade zone, to promote balanced trade between the members and the improvement of infrastructure. The demand is that fi shery laws, being debated in Parliament, recognize the contribution of wives to the family enterprise. CECAT is a service institution jointly set up by the Ministry of Agriculture of the People Republic of China and the Commission of the European Union to create better opportunities for Sino-European technical and economic cooperation in the agricultural sector. It acts as a bridge between Europe and China to help increase agricultural production and rural incomes by providing appropriate agricultural technologies and allow European agriculture to benefit from relevant Chinese know-how.

In , Colombia has proved an agrarian reform law, established the Agrarian Reform Institute Incora , promoted the Central de Cooperativas de la Reforma Agraria Cecora and organized farmers in agrarian reform, especially in regions with political and social violence, were purchased and distributed some land estates and farmers were entitled to possession exercised over them a long time. Land Use Planning for Sustainable Forestry. Forest Governance and Sustainable Rural Development.

Prospects for Forest-Based Rural Development. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction This book provides an overview of the complex challenges and opportunities related to forest-based rural development in the tropics and subtropics. Editors and affiliations. Your profile:. Closing date for application is July 1st, Alle Produkte nach Themen.

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