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Moms have all kinds of resources on how to parent their children but little help when it comes to taking care of themselves. From the experts at Working Mother , this all-encompassing guide answers your most pressing questions, including:. Before her Year of Yes, Shonda Rimes, the creator of three hit TV shows and mother to three children, would never accept invitations out of fear.

Looking for more resources to help you thrive at work and home? Learn how to cope with the working mom guilt from other women how have been there, keep the chaos at bay , and improve your self-care. And if you just need a laugh, check out these hilariously relatable exhausted working mom fails. All rights reserved. Share something new. Follow topics like career advice, lifestyle or health. Working Moms.

All About Motherhood

Laura Berlinsky-Schine , Now, where do I slot "baby" in Outlook? I Just Want to Pee Alone By Various Juggling work and motherhood is so demanding that it can be difficult to even take a bathroom break without being interrupted by demands. Time for Mom-Me: 5 Essential Strategies for a Mother's Self-Care By Mia Redrick Moms have all kinds of resources on how to parent their children but little help when it comes to taking care of themselves.

More Essential Resources for Working Moms Looking for more resources to help you thrive at work and home?

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The Fairygodboss Feed. We're a community of women sharing advice and asking questions. Sometimes it's just a smile, some moral support from someone who understands how harried life can get. A moment of human connection in between activity drop offs and grocery shopping. Other times this friend is the first person to know when we've had bad news, or when we need someone to watch the kids in an emergency.

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Sometimes they know more about us than anyone else. I see people for whom this is a lifelong relationship, like a sister or best friend, though sometimes we meet equally amazing women who are in our lives for just a season. Our kids are in the same school, or we are running the local Girls Scout troop together… Whatever the duration, a camaraderie exists, and an unexplained intimacy forms in which we live our day to day lives loosely in sync.

Touching base with phone calls or texts, taking turns with carpool, and coffee runs. They help us get through a certain stage in our lives that otherwise might have been lonely or difficult. Their companionship makes the road smoother, makes the sometimes bland seem sweeter.

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Or when all else fails and all you can do is laugh, funnier. I used to feel sad when such seasons would end.

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Back when my children finished preschool, I felt as if I was graduating as well - starting somewhere new, not knowing the terrain very well. A bit at a loss. A fairly close group of us had been raising our children together for a few years, and I knew that I would see these wonderful women less and less.. I think that while we don't all see each other with the same frequency, and didn't remain as close, that bond still exists somewhere, there is still that sisterhood.

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We are empty spaces or hollowed-out characters, whose sole purpose—when the story bothers to give us one—is to erase ourselves for the sake of our children. By far the most obvious hole is that left by death: our books and media are littered with the death of mothers of main characters.

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We talk a lot about the fridging of women characters and rightfully so : whenever a mother walks on stage I brace myself for the slamming of the refrigerator door, for it seems that we belong there permanently, our corpses there to serve, at best, as pleasant memories or motivations for our children. Nothing quite becomes us in life as our leaving it. But there are other deaths. And then there are mothers who fail to have a story other than caring for their children, whose entire personality and motivations are subsumed in the act of motherhood Lady Jessica in Dune , Frigga in the Thor franchise, who actually manages to both fail to have a plotline unrelated to her two kids and to be fridged in the second Thor movie.

One of the ways in which is this utterly toxic, in addition to killing off the actual characters, is that this devalues the work done by mothers by making it seem invisible and unnecessary: we seldom see the tremendous amount of work that goes into raising children because dead mothers are usually replaced with indifferent, absent or abusive authority figures rather than warm adoptive parents [3].

And when works that centre complex, thoughtfully depicted motherhood are written, they are dismissed as of no importance, over-centred on boring relationships and over-concerned with trivial matters. Whenever I bring dead mothers up, I generally get two explanations: the first is the natural occurrence of death in childbirth, and the second one is that this is a convenience, for how could a hero especially but not only teenagers go off on adventures with their mothers alive? I understand the desire and where it stems from, but the truth is that this is an impossibility. Part of parenting and especially motherhood is the art of gracefully letting go: of accepting that my children will have their own lives and their own challenges to face, and that such challenges, no matter how I may wish otherwise, will be dangerous.

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And yes, some of this will happen before they are ready, but our children cannot and will not always be ready for everything in spite of every one of our efforts. It is a very particular perception, coming from a society with socialization greatly stratified by age as well as strong individualism, which makes us see adventures with parents or older people or, for that matter, parental presence in our lives [5] as undesirable rather than commonplace occurrences. In my own fiction, I made a deliberate choice to have mothers as characters, and to have them with their own vastly different stories.

I remember that we have to try—that we all have to try, because how can we do otherwise? Tags: aliette de bodard , criticism , essay , essays , feminism , guest post , in the vanishers palace , parenting , science fiction. I so very much appreciate reading your perspective, as I had not noticed your valid observations.