The Haunted

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The second season's source material is about a governess who thinks the house she's looking after is haunted. The Turn of The Screw has been covered before, adapted into an opera, a ballet, plays and plenty of film adaptations, the most notable being The Innocents from Netflix would be making the first TV series adaptation, with the unique prospect of extra time to tell its story.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. By Jennifer Bisset. The Crain family all together in the haunted house. Netflix brought the news via Twitter: A new Haunting is coming. Discuss: Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House returns with second season in Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Zealot can be pickpocketed again to obtain another key. Cave Level 5 - Staircase 14 leads down to Treus Dayth.

Staircase 15 leads down to the Crystal Mine. For more details, see this. The elevator will drop the player into a pool of water. From the elevator, walk south onto the track and follow it to the east. Proceed down the staircase. With the glowing fungus , the cave will be properly lit.

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Go west through the door to a big room with cranes and carts. This room is where the boss fight will take place. Do not take the key until you are completely ready to begin! Important note: Read this part fully before entering the fight if you're not experienced with the fight! Especially if you're low Combat! This boss fight is difficult and should not be taken lightly. High-healing food is recommended. The surrounding environment is more dangerous than the actual ghost.

The Haunted

A highly viable strategy for low to mid-level players who can equip Iban's staff requiring 50 Attack , Magic , and completion of Underground Pass is to use Iban Blast , as it hits accurately especially against this boss and very hard. If using Melee , bring the highest-hitting melee weapon you can use, such as a 2h sword Zamorak godsword works well as the special will prevent him from teleporting or halberd , as this boss has a high chance to teleport somewhere else after being hit.

Important tip : If things get heavy and too difficult, you can walk out by the door on the east and easily re-pot there, manage prayer , heal up, etc. The instance will not reset, and Treus will still be at the same amount of health as to when you left the door.

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The cranes are stationary and can hit hard, but they are inaccurate and easily avoided by staying out of their reach. The carts can only move along the track they are on, similar to the other carts in the dungeon. However, these carts are dangerous because they can hit hard — rapidly up to 7 damage while dragging a player along the track. Magic attacks are very effective against him.

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To start the fight, try to pick up the innocent-looking key. Click continue, and the ghost Treus Dayth combat level 95 will appear and will start to attack after a small cut scene introduction.

He will be identified on the minimap as a flashing yellow arrow. When chasing Treus Dayth, try to stay out of the way of the moving carts and the cranes. The ghost itself is not that strong, but the damage from the environment can be serious. A large supply of food and optionally potions is advised depending on your combat level. An emergency teleport, like the Ectophial is very useful too. It is not possible to freeze the ghost from moving using Magic or Ancient Magicks.

Crumble Undead works well against him as does a Trident of the seas or a Trident of the swamp. A player fighting Treus Dayth. An example strategy that works quite well: bring a 4-dose Prayer potion , optionally a Ranging potion , and the best Ranged weaponry you can muster, along with an inventory filled with food. Use Protect from Missiles at all times. When you reach Treus Dayth, switch on Eagle Eye to make your shots count, shoot, and then switch it off when he moves away keep Protect from Missiles on. He likes moving between the northwestern and northeastern side of the room, in which case you are recommended to run along the northernmost cart track in the detached tunnel, where you only have to dodge one cart.

If he moves south, try to hug the cavern walls to avoid the cranes as you approach him. However, don't hesitate while fighting — it's better to take a bit of extra damage and be faster than be indecisive and suffer as a result.

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Before fighting, you are also recommended to explore the room and practice how you are going to move around without taking too much damage — the machinery doesn't activate before the fight. Using a Dragon dagger is also a good alternative. The dragon dagger special attack hits twice in one go, but this boss will only receive one of those hits before he moves away to a new spot and before you even get to him the second attack from the dagger will automatically hit him.

You can keep using this tactic on the boss with minimum movement as you can use the dragon dagger's special attack numerous times during the fight. A good mid-tier magic attack that works effectively is Iban Blast , or even Fire Bolt wearing chaos gauntlets on the cheap. The only downside to magic is that magic armour provides very little Ranged Defence; however, since the boss has negative magic defence, you can have a negative magic attack bonus of or higher and still hit consistently.

After defeating Treus Dayth , pick up the innocent-looking key, which in fact is the crystal-mine key. Now, head back east through the door and climb up the stairs. Walk west until you reach another staircase and head down. Walk down the corridor. The crystal-mine key opens the large door to a room with a crystal outcrop in the south-east corner. Use a chisel to cut a piece from the crystal outcrop.

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If you forgot your chisel, go back up the lift and pick a chisel on a crate. You will obtain a salve shard. Be sure to cut extras for backup! Quest Complete! Salve amulet. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. It briefly summarises the steps needed to complete the quest. This article is about the quest. For the haunted mine in which it is set, see Abandoned Mine. For the forest, see Haunted Woods. Contents [ show ]. Main article: Abandoned Mine. Categories :.

This quest has a quick guide found here. Speak to the Zealot at the mines in Morytania on the path to Mort'ton. Recent forays into Morytania by some of Saradomin's more fanatical supporters have unearthed murky rumours concerning an abandoned mine in the south. Legend speaks of an unusual material, hidden in the depths of the mines, that is somehow linked to the desolation and fear that now surrounds the place.

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Do you have the nerve to find out more, and enter the haunted mines of Morytania? A Dramen or Lunar staff if you cannot reach the starting location through the Shades of Mort'ton minigame teleport or a Mort'ton teleport scroll. It can be useful to bring either a additional Melee weapon with high Strength bonuses , Ranged ammunition with high Ranged Strength bonuses, or high-hitting Magic spells. Take something with a high maximum hit.

It doesn't have to be your only weapon, though. High-hitting special attacks are recommended. Ranged is recommended — see the boss section of the guide for more details.