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  • The phrase "estate planning" may sound like an exercise for the very rich, but thanks to the complicated nature of the U. Yet according to a recent survey by the Harris Poll, 64 percent of Americans have not made a will. The top reason cited? They "haven't gotten around to it yet. Then there's the simple fact that, as Honey puts it, "people don't want to think about death.

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    That's understandable. But if you don't have a will, a judge will be making key decisions about your estate , not you. All estates, whether there's a will or not, are subject to review by state probate courts — a fact that some people mistakenly believe negates the need for a will.

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    But when there are no written instructions to guide them, lawyers and other legal representatives often work slowly and follow set formulas that may not reflect your wishes. Typically, a will provides that guidance by naming an executor, beneficiaries, and guardians for minor children and disabled adult dependents, and by spelling out how assets will be distributed.

    Generally your executor is a trusted friend or relative who is unfazed by paperwork and has the patience to carry out the often tedious job of thoroughly settling an estate including paying off creditors and maintaining property until it can be inherited or sold. In the absence of a will, the court picks the executor.

    The same is true of your children's guardians. Clearly, these are not choices you want to leave up to the court.

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    Indeed, for people with minor children, the chance to name guardians for those children is often the single most compelling reason to make a will. A will also lets you state your preferences in such matters as burial versus cremation, the care of a beloved pet or the completion of other assorted personal agendas. In a digital age, you may not need an attorney to prepare a will; there are many online templates you can use to keep costs down.

    Note that married couples need a separate will for each spouse.