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Full Text Available Trogulus martensi Chemini, , formerly thought to be endemic in northern Italy, is recorded from several places near Basle first records in Switzerland and France.

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The species is close to T. Important differences to the syntopic T. Additional biometric, autecological and phenological data of Trogulus martensi are presented. Anaerobic microbial dehalogenation and its key players in the contaminated Bitterfeld -Wolfen megasite. The megasite Bitterfeld -Wolfen is highly contaminated as a result of accidents and because of dumping of wastes from local chemical industries in the last century.

A variety of contaminants including chlorinated ethenes and benzenes, hexachlorohexanes and chlorinated dioxins can still be found in the groundwater and river sediments. Investigations of the in situ microbial transformation of organohalides have been performed only over the last two decades at this megasite. In this review, we summarise the research on the activity of anaerobic dehalogenating bacteria at the field site in Bitterfeld -Wolfen, focusing on chlorinated ethenes, monochlorobenzene and chlorinated dioxins.

Various methods and concepts were applied including ex situ cultivation and isolation, and in situ analysis of hydrochemical parameters, compound-specific stable isotope analysis of contaminants, 13C-tracer studies and molecular markers. Overall, biotransformation of organohalides is ongoing at the field site and Dehalococcoides mccartyi species play an important role in the detoxification process in the Bitterfeld -Wolfen region.

Wie sind Zeit, Raum und Zustand sprachlich verbunden? Jochen Grywatsch Hg. Hannover: Wehrhahn Verlag Zugleich kommt aber die theoretische Reflexion etwas zu kurz. Since the so-called spatial turn, space has become a central category also for literary and cultural studies. The volume contains a thematic introduction and a theoretical overview of spatial conceptions as well as twelve contributions approaching such questions as the poetology of space, spatial conceptions, and their functions in text.

The volume convincingly proves the relevance of these questions for Droste research. At the same time, however, it does not adequately discuss theoretical reflections. Wirtschaft erleben - Menschen binden. The demand for skilled labor is subject to regional disparities. In Baden-Wuerttemberg staffing shortages are intensified in rural areas. The economic development agency in the county of Sigmaringen has tried to solve the problems of out-migration by developing projects that make technology and business come alive for young people and many other target groups.

Multimediale Kommunikationsarchitekturen: Herausforderungen und Weiterentwicklungen der Forschungen im Kulturraum Internet. The assumption is that with this notion Schmitt tries to re-think politics and international relations beyond the classical categories of the State. However, Schmitt fails to define which system of international relations should follow the Jus publicum europaeum and the same notion of nomos remains rather undefined. Muriithi, IM. Vol 8, No 2 - Articles Correlation of magnetic resonance imaging findings with arthroscopy in the evaluation of rotator cuff pathology.

ISSN: AJOL African Quick scan IMS vendors. IMS is gaining momentum in the market. Vendors like Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson. In the last few years a number of academic search engines have been developed to simplify the search for academic documents. Examples of such search engines are SciTopia, Worldwidescience and Google Scholar amongst others, but this paper only focuses on the tracing service of Google. Google Scholar scans exclusively academic documents but payment is required if someone wants to download the full text of a document.

However, Google Scholar permits access to all abstracts of the documents. Zeolite-based catalysts for hydrodehalogenation and hydration of pollutants in groundwater; Zeolith-gestuetzte Katalysatoren zur Hydrodehalogenierung und Hydrierung von Schadstoffen im Grundwasser. Schueth, C. Tuebingen, Inst. The task and goal of this part-project was to determine the potential of and limits to the reductive catalytic dehalogenation and hydration of aqueous-phase halogenated aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbon mixtures.

A further goal was to investigate the long-time stability of the noble metal catalysts developed in the project when used in the pilot plant set up in Bitterfeld under conditions of atmospheric pressure and groundwater temperatures. Aufgabenstellung und Ziel dieses Teilprojekts war es, in Laborversuchen das Potenzial sowie die Limitierungen einer reduktiven katalytischen Dehalogenierung und Hydrierung halogenierter aromatischer und aliphatischer Kohlenwasserstoffgemische in waessriger Phase zu ermitteln. Darueber hinaus sollte die Langzeitstabilitaet der entwickelten Edelmetallkatalysatoren beim Einsatz in der in Bitterfeld errichteten Pilotanlage unter Atmosphaerendruck und Grundwassertemperaturen ueberprueft werden.

Exemplary subsurface geothermal projects in the western part of Germany; Beispiele zur Nutzung oberflaechennaher Geothermie im Westen Deutschlands. Sanner, B. During the past few years, several projects involving ground source heat pumps were carried out in western Germany, especially in the Rhine-Main and Rhine-Ruhr-Sieg region including the cities of Frankfurt and Cologne.

Some of the project partners are big names in industry, e. Other projects are sited in rural regions, from the Black Forest to the Weserbergland hills. The contribution presents several interesting projects, e. Zu den Bauherren zaehlen inzwischen auch bekannte Namen der deutschen Industrie. Abe auch im laendlichen Raum sind interessante Anlagen entstanden, vom Schwarzwald bis ins Weserbergland.

Im Folgenden werden einige interessante Beispiele vorgestellt. Dabei sind Projekte in der Ausfuehrungsphase wie z. In Ausfuehrungn bzw. In contrast to the retail sector in metropolises and medium-sized towns, its counterpart in rural regions is far less examined and described in scientific geographic literature. As many rural communities face similar challenges e. Next to "hard" facts, as for example accessibility and parking spaces, less tangible themes like quality of stay, multicontextuality or service as well as comprehensive concepts like city marketing or place branding take on greater significance.

Zeit im Wandel der Zeit. Contents: Einleitung P. Ewigkeit und Zeit Plotin. Was ist die Zeit? Von der Zeit Immanuel Kant. Dauer und Intuition Henri Bergson. Die Geschichte des Unendlichkeitsproblems Bertrand Russell. Raum und Zeit Hermann Minkowski. Newtonscher und Bergsonscher Zeitbegriff Norbert Wiener. Zeit als physikalischer Begriff Friedrich Hund. Zeitmessung und Zeitbegriff in der Astronomie Otto Heckmann.

Martin Gardner. This article aims to bridge a knowledge gap by showing ways of representing disabilities in the German children film genre. Using Bordwell and Thomson's neoformalistically orientated film analysis approach, the movie "Heidi" Marcus is analysed.

Bordwell and Thompson's method is applied to three sequences of "Heidi" in order to present an interpretation and to discuss the representation of Clara's walking impediment. The results are then associated with theoretical considerations regarding the mobility and self-determination of people with disabilities and problematic definitions of the term 'physical disability'.

It is shown that characters in the children's film "Heidi" Marcus regard Clara's walking impediment as a 'curable disease' and the wheelchair as a limitation. Bremssysteme im Personenkraftwagen. Geschlechterstereotype im Einsatz. Efficiency technologies for the lighting in the public room and in the industry; Effizienztechnologien zur Beleuchtung im oeffentlichen Raum und in der Industrie. Innovative lighting technology facilitates better light with less power and lower operating costs in production facilities, sales buildings and official buildings.

When new construction and modernization of existing buildings the course for considerable cost savings can be made. In addition, light is particularly important for comfort, emotion, motivation, and willingness to perform in the workplace. Mobile metering.

Efficient charging infrastructure. Charging stations in the public, semi-public and private room; Mobile Metering. Effiziente Ladeinfrastruktur. Ladepunkte im oeffentlichen, halboeffentlichen und privaten Raum. Mobile metering shifts the power metering and data communication from the stationary charging stationary into the charger cable or into the vehicle - and thus creates a mobile metering point.

Thus, the charging stations are reduced to technically simple system sockets. These system sockets do not cause current expenses and make the charging infrastructure affordable and economically viable. A review of scientific topics and literature in abdominal radiology in Germany.

Gastrointestinal tract; Aktuelle Schwerpunkte und Literatur der Abdominalradiologie im deutschsprachigen Raum. Schreyer, A. Clinic for Radiology; Kinner, S. The working group for abdominal and gastrointestinal diagnosis is a group of the German Radiological Society DRG focusing clinically and scientifically on the diagnosis and treatment of the gastrointestinal tract with all parenchymatous abdominal organs. In addition to the clinical and scientific further development of abdominal radiology, the education of radiologists within this core discipline of radiology is one of the major aims.

In this article we give an up-to-date literature review of scientific radiological topics especially covered by German radiologists. This manuscript focuses on the most recent literature on the diagnosis of the stomach, small bowel, colon and rectum. The review with a focus on the most recent studies published by German radiologists concludes with a synopsis of mesenterial bleeding and ischemia followed by a critical appraisal of the current literature on conventional abdominal radiography.

Eine im Raum verankerte Wissenschaft? This article asks how this task is reflected in the history of the department. First its personal and institutional structures are analyzed; special focus is put on the book collection as an important historical testimony. Then, the article outlines the position of the representatives of Scandinavian studies in the context of contemporary Germanic ideologies. Finally, the question about the afterlife of the collection in the post-war period will be sketched out.

Full Text Available The aim of the present article is to provide a certain transparency of concepts of water and space in patterns of thinking and orientation related to these concepts in literature and cultures. In this context the focus — seen from the point of view of translation — is placed on the universal relevance and the cultural determination as well as on the individually and supra-individually determined manifestation of water concepts and thinking patterns related to these concepts in cultures, culture comparison and language and culture transfer within the framework of the act of translation.

Doris Wastl-Walter: Gender Geographien. Geschlecht und Raum als soziale Konstruktionen. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag Anhand von exemplarischen Themenkomplexen z. Arbeit, Migration, Stadt, Ressourcennutzung wird die konkrete Anwendung der theoretischen Konzepte an zahlreichen empirischen Beispielen und Forschungsergebnissen aus der deutschsprachigen und internationalen geographischen Forschung verdeutlicht.

This book is a compact introduction into geographical Gender Studies, which addresses all relevant discussions. Using exemplary topics e. This publication is a long overdue introductory work for students and researchers who deal with the spatial-geographical dimension of gender.

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Resilience in IMS. Therefore, not only Quality of Service QoS but also resilience is required. Reliability evaluation of systems has been widely researched for improving system resilience especially in designing processes of a complex system. The resilience of the IMS architecture is studied by applying redundancy at different communication scenarios between end users within and across communication domains.

The model analysis provides useful reliability characteristics of the system and can be further applied for system design processes Jedes Individuum wurde eindeutig am individuellen Strophentypenrepertoire identifiziert. Der Wandel des Dialektes erfolgt graduell in Raum und Zeit. Daher sind keine scharfen Dialektgrenzen anzutreffen. Trotz dieser Tatsache markieren die etablierten Strophentypen die Population.

Delegation und Kooperation im Gesundheitswesen. IMS Application Developer Handbook will give a hands-on view of exactly what needs to be done by IMS application developers to write an application and take it "live" on an operator's network. It will offer practical guidance on building innovative applications using the features and capabilities of the IMS network, show how the rapidly changing development environment is impacting on the business models employed in the industry and how existing network solutions can be moved towards IMS.

Sexting im Schulumfeld. Full Text Available Wir wollten es einfach wissen. IMS applications analysis. This report examines the market potential of a miniature, hand-held Ion Mobility Spectrometer. Military and civilian markets are discussed, as well as applications in a variety of diverse fields. The strengths and weaknesses of competing technologies are discussed. The conclusions drawn from this study are: 1 There are a number of competing technologies that are capable of detecting explosives, drugs, biological, or chemical agents.

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The IMS system currently represents the best available compromise regarding sensitivity, specificity, and portability. Commercial users typically do not invest R and D funds in this type of equipment rather, they wait for off-the-shelf availability. Recht und Raum. Full Text Available Between the 9th and the 11th centuries the Saxons developed a specific consciousness regarding their freedom; initially related to the Saxon people it came to be associated with the land of the Saxons.


This was accompanied by the growth of power held by the Saxons in respect to the other regna of the empire. They were able to boycott royal elections from the year onwards and thus force the newly elected king to travel to Saxony in order to win their approval in their territory. For that reason the war was limited to the eastern parts of Saxony and Thuringia in addition to the lands of the opposition in southern Germany, while Westphalia, for instance, was not touched.

This is the result of writing history in the 11th century. In an epoque without states, this is a strong indication how the perception of space changed, intensified and led to the concept of territory. Henry IV was not able to successfully meet this challenge and was never able to develop an appropriate response — as did perhaps all his successors on the German throne. Jung und Alt im Dialog. Gesellschaft - Altern - Medien 3. Gesundheit und Pflege im Alter. Gesundheit und Pflege im Alter : d. Resilience of the IMS system. The resilience behaviours of communication across multiple IMS domains are investigated at different communication scenarios and compared with previous state The results disclose interesting resilience behaviours for long distance communications Out of Area.

Transport of sediments in Himalaya-Karakorum and its influence on hydropower plants; Sedimenttransportprozesse im Himalaya-Karakorum und ihre Bedeutung fuer Wasserkraftanlagen. Their distance in-between the falls as well as their height difference at the steps is strongly depending on the river slope. Ziel der Arbeit ist es, zum Verstaendnis des natuerlichen Sedimenttransportes mit der fuer Gebirgsregionen typischen Charakteristik von 'High Magnitude-Low Frequency - Prozessen' beizutragen, um eine den Transportverhaeltnissen geeignete Auslegung von geplanten Wasserkraftanlagen zu finden.

Am Beispiel der Gebirgsregion des Himalaya-Karakorums werden die komplexen Transportvorgaenge im grossraeumigen Raum des Makromassstabes erlaeutert. Dabei wird auf die Massentransporte eingegangen, die durch Naturgefahren wie Erdbeben, Felsgleitungen, Erdrutsche, Muren, Gletscherbrueche und Hochwaesser ausgeloest werden. Der Schwerpunkt der Arbeit liegt in der Durchfuehrung von umfangreichen Naturmessungen im untergeordneten Raum des Mesomassstabes im Bereich von einzelnen Flussabschnitten. Aufgrund der extremen Verhaeltnisse der Gebirgsfluesse der Region hinsichtlich vorhandener Korngroesse des Bettmaterials sowie die Groessenordnung der Fliessgeschwindigkeiten wurde fuer die Untersuchungen eigens der mobile Geschiebesammler B entwickelt, gebaut und auf seine hydraulische und sedimentologische Effizienz hin geprueft.

Der Einsatz des B hat sich im Feld bewaehrt und ist fuer weitere Anwendungen bei Hochwasserereignissen in kiesfuehrenden Fluessen geeignet. Als massgebender Parameter zur Beschreibung der Morphologie, der Stroemung, der Sohlenstabilitaet und des Geschiebetransportes von Gebirgsfluessen im. Wind power project. Investigation of the habitat use of selected native small game species in the vicinity of wind power systems. Final report; Projekt Windkraftanlagen. Untersuchungen zur Raumnutzung ausgewaehlter heimischer Niederwildarten im Bereich von Windkraftanlagen.

Acting on behalf of the State Hunting Association of Lower Saxony the Game Research Institute IWFo of Hannover Veterinary University carried out a three-year study from April through March on the habitat use of selected native small game species in the vicinity of aerogenerators. This final report depicts the animals' preferred places, use of agricultural land, avoidance radius, if any, their activities and exposure to predator pressure.

The target species were roe deer, hare, red fox, partridge and carrion crow. The study was carried out in Lower Saxony and Bremen on a total study area of All parameters were studied in terms of a comparison between aerogenerator and control areas. The objective was to identify differences in population, use of space and habitat and in behaviour.

Im Weiteren wurden Aufenthaltspraeferenzen, Nutzung der landwirtschaftlichen Flaechen, moegliche Naeherungslimits und Aktivitaeten der Wildarten sowie der Beutegreiferdruck dargestellt. Moegliche Unterschiede im Besatz bzw. Bestand, in Raum - und Habitatnutzung sowie im Verhalten wurden herausgearbeitet. Individualisierte Produkte im Fokus der intergrierten Produktentwicklung. Individualisierte Produkte stellen neue Herausforderungen an die Produktentwicklung — vornehmlich im Bereich der Produktstrukturplanung, der kundenindividuellen Produktadaption und dem Zielkostenmanagement.

Gender-Dimensionen von Natur und Materie. Application of Hadamard transform in IMS. In this paper, the ion spectral signals were processed by Hadamard transform based on the IMS detector hardware platform. This document provides a high-level description of several advanced IM operations that NASA is considering for future research and development.

These are preliminary descriptions to support an initial benefits analysis. Argumentellipse in der "weichen" Nachricht im Deutschen und im Slowenischen. Unsere Aufmerksamkeit gilt bier der Textsorte "weiche" Nachricht, die als Abweichung des Grundmusters gilt. Full Text Available An essential element in a learning object repository is the meta-information associated with the resources housed by the repository, as this is what enables the objects to be retrieved. In many cases, the meta-information which is described consists of the classification of a resource in relation to a taxonomy or thesaurus.

Part of the meta-information described corresponds to the classification of the object with respect to a group of taxonomies and a thesaurus, which have had to be described using the ims vdex standard to enable them to be managed from the federation nodes. This article describes the way in which ims vdex has been used in order to create this description and how these metadata instances are managed.

Professionalisierung und Doping im Sport. The author analyzes the interdependencies between a growing commercia Some entities time-series, images, a algorithm -specific parameters must be managed Aurica Nutt: Gott, Geschlecht und Leiden. Die feministische Theologie Elisabeth A. Hamburg u. Zur Revision des Gottesbildes haben die feministischen Theologien Entscheidendes beigetragen. Given that the theodicy question cannot be conclusively answered, it is necessary to return to an appropriate manner of speaking about God.

Technical and economical analysis of concepts for using the heat of biogas plants in rural areas; Technische und betriebswirtschaftliche Analyse von Konzepten zur ganzjaehrigen Nutzung der Abwaerme einer Biogasanlage im dezentralen laendlichen Raum. Since the implementation of the EEG in Germany the biogas production becomes an independent branch of industry in the agriculture. At this time more than 90 percent of the biogas plants work with co-generation plant for heat and power with a thermal engine efficiencies of more than 50 percent.

Because of the location in the rural area heat costumers with a continuous demand of heat over the whole year are rare. This research had a closer look how to use the heat of biogas production efficiently and also generating profit. The aim of the study was to use heat over the whole year, a profitable heat concept without counting the KWK-bonus and an added value on the farm. During the study the following concepts were analyzed: asparagus production using soil heating, drying equipment for different products, the production of fish in aquaculture, the poultry production and the heated production of tomatoes.

The results showed different concepts using heat of biogas plants as efficient for farmers. However with only one concept the aims - to use the heat over the whole year, generating a profitable heat concept without counting the KWK-bonus, add an value on the farm - mostly can not be achieved. The combination of different heat concepts is necessary. In this analysis the poultry production in combination with the dryer can be considered as the most efficient concept.

Bearing in mind the benefit which can be generated with a heat concept as well as the higher income and the higher technical efficiency of biogas plants operators should implement an individual concept for their heat. Paths to bioenergy villages. A guideline for a independent supply of heat and electricity based on biomass in rural area. Leitfaden fuer eine eigenstaendige Waerme- und Stromversrogung auf Basis von Biomasse im laendlichen Raum.

Bioenergy villages are one component for the sustainable energy supply in rural areas. The guideline under consideration is intended to encourage people in villages to switch their heat supply and electricity supply on the bases of biomass. The focus of this process-oriented guideline is on: 1 A presentation of the social feasibility, especially the involvement, motivation and encouragement of the population; 2 The presentation of concepts for a nature-friendly cultivation of the required biomass; 3 The treatment of economic and legal issues from the perspective of the people involved.

Current practice vs. Results of an online survey; Versorgungsrealitaet vs. Ergebnisse einer Online-Umfrage. Diagnostic Imaging Center. The working group for abdominal imaging within the German Roentgen Society DRG performed an online survey amongst radiologist concerning the current status of techniques for abdominal imaging. The results of this survey were compared with the most recent guidelines.

We performed an online survey open for all members of the DRG during a day period with 65 questions and an overall estimated time for finishing the questionnaire of 15 minutes concerning technical specifications for abdominal radiological imaging. The results were evaluated using descriptive statistics. Most participants worked in a managerial position. The participants gave detailed information regarding the radiological techniques used in dedicated organ systems esophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver, small intestines, colon regarding acquired contrast phases and oral and intravenous administration of contrast medium.

The results confirm that most radiologists participating in this survey perform their examinations and choose their modalities in conformity with the current existing clinical guidelines. Because most clinical guidelines do not specify radiological examinations in detail, there is a noteworthy heterogeneity of the acquired contrast phases and major divergence in terms of technical parameters. Therefore a joint radiological effort should be initiated for developing and publishing updated radiological parameters for abdominal imaging.

Suchverhalten im Web: Empirische Ergebnisse. Regelwerke im multilingualen Kontext — ein Erfahrungsbericht aus einem multilingualen Verbund. Zudem wird auch im Bereich GND weiterhin eine flexible und geduldige Arbeitsweise aller Beteiligten erforderlich sein. It comprises ca. More than. Experimental MR-guided cryotherapy of the brain with almost real-time imaging by radial k-space scanning; Experimentelle MR-gesteuerte Kryotherapie des Gehirns mit nahezu Echtzeitdarstellung durch radiale k- Raum -Abtastung. Tacke, J.

Klinik fuer Radiologische Diagnostik; Speetzen, R. Purpose: To test radial k-space scanning by MR fluoroscopy to guide and control MR-guided interstitial cryotherapy of the healthy pig brain. Methods: After MR tomographic planning of the approach, an MR-compatible experimental cryotherapy probe of 2. Results: The high temporal resolution of the chosen sequence permits a continuous representation of the freezing process with good image quality and high contrast between ice and unfrozen brain parenchyma. Because of the interactive conception of the sequence the layer plane could be chosen as desired during the measurement.

Ice formation was sharply demarcated, spherically configurated, and was free of signals. Its maximum diameter was 13 mm. Conclusions: With use of the novel, interactively controllable gradient echo sequence with radial k-space scanning, guidance of the intervention under fluoroscopic conditions with the advantages of MRT is possible. MR-guided cryotherapy allows a minimally-invasive, precisely dosable focal tissue ablation.

Methoden: Nach MR-tomographischer Planung des Zugangsweges wurde eine MR-kompatible experimentelle Kryotherapiesonde von 2,7 mm Durchmesser ueber ein 5 mm Bohrloch in das rechte Frontalhirn von fuenf gesunden Schweinen eingebracht. Ergebnisse: Die hohe zeitliche Aufloesung der gewaehlten Sequenz erlaubte eine kontinuierliche Darstellung des Friervorgangs bei. Digital Medien im Naturwissenschaftlichen Unterricht. Und auch die Alltags- und Berufswelt ist ohne Informationstechnologien nicht mehr vorstellbar. Wie gelingt im Schulalltag die Balance zwischen Kreidezeit und interaktivem Whiteboard nach mittlerweile 30 Jahren Erfahrung mit Schulcomputern?

Zu Wort kommen Hochschullehr Eine Synthese. Gerling, P. It was the aim of the interdisciplinary and interinstitutional research program to investigate the possibilities of HC generation from pre-Westphalian sediments in the North German basin in space and time. Potential source rock horizons exist within all pre-Westphalian structural units in Northern Europe, ranging from Cambrian to the Namurian in age and deposited in different environments.

The structural framework of the basement of the North German Permian basin was described, the position of the Variscan outer front newly defined and the maturation history during the Late Palaeozoic, Mesozoic and Cainozoic deciphered. Detailed geochemical and isotope-geochemical investigations of the natural gases from all North German fields indicate gas contributions from pre-Westphalian sources in special regions Ems Estuary region, Altmark.

By integrating all the results of the study an estimation of the possibilities of pre-Westphalian gas occurrences in Northern Germany could be made and the most promising areas for prospecting have been outlined. In allen praewestfalen strukturellen Grosseinheiten Nordeuropas existieren potentielle Muttergesteinshorizonte kambrischen bis namurischen Alters aus unterschiedlichen Ablagerungsmilieus. Das strukturelle Inventar des Untergrundes des norddeutschen Permbeckens, der Verlauf der Variszidenfront in Norddeutschland und die Reifungsgeschichte der praewestfalen Muttergesteine im Verlauf der jungpalaeozoischen, mesozoischen und tertiaeren Entwicklung wurden entschluesselt.

This list of frequently asked questions was composed on the basis of questions asked of the Educational Technology Expertise Centrum. E2eUber IM. This framework contains a scalable, flexible, and volatile information model Uber IM and a real-time, "organic" communication and storage process e2eUber. It leverages the proprietary interfaces We document the e2eUber IM requirements and its design Facultad de Bellas Artes. I'm a Map, I'm a Green Tree. I'm talking about the ways we represent ourselves and our world. I've put some thoughts on the topic together here--a gathering that enacts new media creating and takes up conceptual layers like metaphors, models, and composing.

Posthuman concepts blending…. Diese Kurse sind online auf dem folgenden Link www. The MTAs are an identification Eva Neuland. Frankfurt am Main : Lang, Sprache - Kommunikation - Kultur. Literatur zu Gast im Globe. CERN Multimedia. Monate und Jahre verharrt die Welt wie in einer riesigen dreidimensionalen Fotografie, bis ein wiederum schockierendes Ereignis die 'Chronifizierten' aus ihren physikalischen Spekulationen und seltsamen Lebensformen reisst.

Gruppenbezogene Menschenfeindlichkeit im Sport in Brandenburg. Mit der Querschnittsstudie "Wir und die Anderen — Gruppenbezogene Menschenfeindlichkeit im organisierten Sport in Brandenburg" wurde das Syndrom Gruppenbezogener Menschenfeindlichkeit im organisierten Sport untersucht. Das Konzept der Gruppenbezogenen Menschenfeindlichkeit — ausgehend von einer Ideologie der Ungleichwertigkeit — wurde von Prof.

Gruppenbezogene Menschenfeindlichkeit im Sport in Sachsen. Verletzungen und Fehlbeanspruchungen im leistungsorientierten Rudersport. We can no longer imagine European city centers without those shopping malls originating from the USA. Instead, this central space within the public sphere of the city thwarts the urban-based belief in the appropriation of the city space.

Vogten, H. March, , Retrieved June 30th, , from. Please, cite this publication as: Vogten, H. Proceedings of International Workshop in Learning Networks. Radiological information management system Rad IMS. Westinghouse Idaho Nuclear Company, Inc. WINCO is developing and implementing an information management system, known as Rad IMS , to track and record personnel exposure to ionizing radiation. These records must be retrievable for the entire working life of the individual and be available to other USDOE contractors on request. To meet these general needs, Rad IMS provides for retrieval of detailed, comprehensive individual exposure histories as well as the usual online interactions to accomplish day-today radiation protection operations.

The exposure histories include database text, paper, microfilm, and electronic bitmaps. Midlatitude magnetometer chains during the IMS. The International Magnetospheric Study IMS is an international program to study global problems of magnetospheric dynamics. A key element of the U. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. Choose Store. Ratings and Book Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews. Overall rating No ratings yet 0. How to write a great review Do Say what you liked best and least Describe the author's style Explain the rating you gave Don't Use rude and profane language Include any personal information Mention spoilers or the book's price Recap the plot.

Close Report a review At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer's personal information. Would you like us to take another look at this review? No, cancel Yes, report it Thanks! In: Christmas Readings. Gymnasium Lerbermatt. Andres Morrissey, Franz 14 December In: Residential Intensive Seminar. Landguet Niederwangen.

Porous barriers? Ecology and evolution, 8 24 , pp. Andrist, Rafael Benedikt ; Kutzschebauch, Frank The fibred density property and the automorphism group of the spectral ball. Mathematische Annalen, , pp. April, Andrzejak, Ralph G. Mean field phase synchronization between chimera states. Chaos, 28 9 , American Institute of Physics Radial vs femoral access for the prevention of acute kidney injury AKI after coronary angiography or intervention: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Catheterization and cardiovascular interventions, 92 7 , EE Operators' experience with radial access for cardiac catheterization in patients with acute coronary syndromes.

International journal of cardiology, , p.

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Advances in critical care management of patients undergoing cardiac surgery. Intensive care medicine, 44 6 , pp. Skin Appendage Disorders, 4 3 , pp. Quantifying Confidence. Econometrica, 86 5 , pp. The Econometric Society Computed tomography detection and quantification of left atrial appendage residual patency as collateral finding after percutaneous closure. International journal of cardiology, , pp.

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