Is Your Pew A Playground or a Pray Ground?

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Try to be thoughtful. And then there is gum… it gets stuck under chairs, tables, pews, etc. It would sure be appreciated if gum was not brought to church.

Prayers for a Playground

Coffee, tonic, water bottles, pop corn, peanuts, and candy should not be brought to Sunday School or to into the sanctuary. This is not a healthy trend.

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It brings in the casual atmosphere, and that affects behavior and attitude. Going to church ought to be something special and sacred, not common. Please bring the children to the rest rooms before the service. Every one of us, kids included are able to go an hour without a visit to the rest room.

Church “Pray-grounds:” Eight Stories and Inspiring Examples #kidmin

Kids are itchy by nature. They can sit still for a while, but then like to get up and move. Most parents do a good job at seeing to it that their kids go to the restroom in between Sunday School and the morning worship service, but some parents are lax. The kids will not think of this themselves. Hygiene: Please do not brush your hair in church. Please do not clip or file fingernails in church. One might think this to be an unnecessary warning, but it is not. Believe it or not, it does happen. It is annoying to all who are sitting nearby. And in a practical sense, those fingernail clippings are difficult to vacuum off the rug and have to be picked up by hand, one by one.

Please be on time.

Melissa Florer-Bixler: Playing and praying with children in worship

Everybody is late once in a while. Sometimes it cannot be avoided because of traffic or other issues. Some folks are constantly late. That CAN be avoided. Walking in late can also be a distraction.

The Pray-Ground · Grace Lutheran Church of Apple Valley

The Pastor might be in the middle of making a point, when you walk in late — and all attention shifts from the Biblical point being made, to the latecomer. Come refreshed and on time. Come prepared to worship. If you come with a heart prepared for worship, you will be surprised how much sweeter the choir sounds… how much more meaningful the responsive reading is… and how much the preacher has improved! Dress appropriately — Dress is a reflection of an inner attitude. It is also part of our testimony to the world. Clothing affects attitude.

Dressing appropriately for church is a way of showing respect. But it can also be an outward reflection of an inner attitude of respect. Immodest clothing on women is a distraction to the men and a stumbling block. If IBM can have a dress code, and if restaurants can have a dress code — how much more should we be careful, considerate, and respectful in the way we dress in the house of the living God? I Tim. Come to minister — to others, and especially to visitors. It is wonderful to fellowship with old friends, and we should. He may never return. Or perhaps a brother comes discouraged and really needs fellowship, but everyone is too busy talking selfishly to their friends, and the work of the ministry is left undone.

We should come to give ourselves to minister to others. Be aware of the needs of our brethren. Sometimes folks come with heavy hearts — and a word spoken in due season, how good it is!

Calvary Lutheran Prayground

Someone might come in with the burden of the world on his or her shoulders, just hoping for an encouraging word — and we are all busy talking to our old friends! Keep an eye open for visitors. Be friendly and minister to them. A smile, a handshake, and a friendly conversation with a visitor often means the difference between whether they will return or not.

Give them a tract.

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  • Help a new family find out where their kids go for Sunday School or Junior Church. Try to introduce them to the pastor or one of the elders. Visitors should be a priority to us. Small tables and chairs, soft toys and coloring sheets help to keep our littlest ones occupied.

    Blippi Learns at the Indoor Playground - Educational Videos for Toddlers

    Our hope is no, and certainly not any noisier than if those same kids were sitting in the pews! We are taking great care selecting play items that would keep the noise to a minimum. The pray-ground is not a drop off nursery care, we have the nursery for that! If you have any questions or would like more information or would like to support the pray-ground in any way please contact Aaron Bye , Nichole Bye , pastoral staff as well as our council representative Joani Kilber.

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