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Even from the first chapter, my red flags were raised when Emory said this. How many men have we come across who play the nice guy card expecting something in return? Emory asserts how good he is to Ama by telling her about the fate he saved from, trying to compliment her looks, building her dreams of being married and becoming queen.

I noticed that in Damsel, none of the women characters were fully developed. Every woman in the book has shaped herself to a role, even the lynx kitten Ama takes in. The lynx is named Sorrow and is with Ama everywhere she goes. To rename the kitten Fury shows that Ama no longer accepts her passive place; she is no longer burned by sadness but has transformed her longing to desire to rebellion. Just because I, as an abuse survivor, love this book and found solace in it, for others it can be triggering or not a good representation.

From my own experience, the feminist themes in this book are ugly and uncomfortable even. You cannot read through Damsel without feeling revolted and claustrophobic. Self-entitlement, power, and abuse from men coat the pages of this book. Damsel points out and shows us through Ama where to look when identifying predators. Damsel is a brutal love letter to women everywhere; it is a demand to accept ourselves un-chiseled. It is a demand to cut away that which bends our spines.

It is a demand to love whatever beast we hold inside so that we can let it loose on the right obstacles. As a reader, I love women whose strengths do not lie in a sword or magic, but who chooses the toughest roads. I love my women who discard everything for uncertainty, who fight with their wit; scared women who make the difficult decisions, ugly women who embrace their worth, furious women who take and take, and, merciless women who are also compassionate. I received an e-copy of this book from the publisher via Edelweiss. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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