The Girls in 3-B (Femmes Fatales)

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At school, the girls scare the boys when one knocks a girl down playing catch and causes much fear for them. Back at home, the Professor is in the middle of cleaning the house and politely asks the girls to clean their room to which he receives a death glare. Later, while destroying her male dolls, Blossom receives a call from the Mayor asking them to save the day.

Blossom refuses, angrily telling him to go do it himself and hangs up.

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Bellum calls them and asks the girls to meet her in the Mayor's office where they are confronted by both her and Ms. They talk about the girls' new outlook on life and try to correct it by making them realize that the boy who knocked the girl down did it by accident and was only playing with her.

The two also get the girls to realize that Utonium only asked for them to clean their bedroom while he did all the other chores and that the mayor couldn't save the city because he doesn't have superpowers. While the girls realize that they overreacted, they still point out that Femme Fatale's the only real female villain in town, and Mrs.

The Girls in 3-B

Bellum tells the Girls that they didn't stop her, which Blossom justifies by saying that all girls have to look out for each other, only for a voice to go "Oh really? Anthony coins from, a police woman whose arm Femme Fatale broke and a teenaged girl whose hairstyle Femme Fatale apparently copied the girl gets looked at funny for it, as it was petty. The three women ask the girls if Femme Fatale was looking out for them when she did these particular things to them.

Anthony was. When it becomes apparent that she doesn't, the girls decide to tell Femme Fatale the real story of her:. After saying that last part, Blossom says, "And that's what we're gonna do to you!

The Girls in 3-B by Valerie Taylor

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