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Breathing capacity according to height and age of American born boys and girls of school age Weight-height-age tables for boys and girls. Kharga Oasis: Its topography and geology Exercises commemorating the 50 years of service of Dr. Daniel Smith Lamb. A universal law A universal law.

XX, Art. XIX v. Folia Morphologica I fondamenti della craionlogia constituzionalistica I gruppi umani Gruppi di cranii e gruppi di Habitus. Asiatic migrations into America. An address delivered before the Bostom Phrenological Society on the evening of its organization Ancient inhabitants of Nebraska. The geological background of Peking Man Sinanthropus. Physiographic stages of central China.

Neuvos datos acerea de la antiguedad del hombre en el Valle de Mexico Noticia acerca del hallazgo de restos humanos prehistoricos en el Valle de Mexico. L'Interpretation systematiaque des Variations Comp. Des Sci. De Varsovie Fessier. Studies of the development of the human Am. To Embryol. Hand und Fuss -no citation known, no date Hand und Fuss.

Sams anthropologi. Meddelelser om Danmarks Antropologi udgivet af den antropologiske komite. Station prehistorique de la Coumba-delBouitou pres Brive Correze. Uber die Wirkung der mitogenetischen Strahlung auf die Bildung von Liesegangschen Ringen Suite de la discusion sur l'alcoolisme.

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Der Anat. Gesellsch III Bind, 1. Afdeling De la Acad. De Medec. De Belgique I. Lewellys F. The sternalis muscle in American Whites and Negroes. Observations on the membral musculation of Simia satyrus Orang and the comparative myology of man and the apes. Record Proc. Opyt mediko-sanitarnogo obsledovaniya sredi kazakov Medical-sanitary inspection among the Kossacks. K izucheniiu konstitutsional'nykh osobennostei kazakov. On a constituional study on individual Kossacks.

Anthropometric table measurements of women from years, inclusive. Po issled. Soiuz I avtonom. Algunos indices de la serie de craneos de papuas donativo de D. Ignacio Bauer al Museo de Antorpologia. En torno do "musculus platysma myoides' em diversas racas humanas. Diseases of women as found in hospitals for the insane. Sitzungsber der Gesellsch. Gesellsch Ueber einen angeschossenen Mitteil d. Descriptive Anatomie Virchow's Jahresber d.

Leonhard Stejneger. Science Jul 25, Physische Anthropologie. Ueber Neuere Ergebnisse der Med. Wochenschr anthropologisichen Forshung. Ueber Schadel und Skelettreste der frugen Rh. In Wien Kulonl. A Termesz. Kozlony Potfuz. Etudes hongr. Et finno-ougriennes Man Roy. Australis Trans. Australia J. Uchenye Zapiski Mosk. Iz Zpafiak exhumalasanak embertani es tortenalmi tanusagai. La composition anthropologique du peuple hongrois. Burial customs in the northern Flinders Ranges of south australis Journal of the government North-west expedition. Narrative of an expedition of exploration in northwestern Australia Notes on the natives of Bathurst Island, North Australia Body proportions in different constitutional types Proportsii tela y przlichnykh konstituts Der Papua, des dunkeln Inselreichs im Lichte psychologischer Forschung.

Et mem. De Paris Curso de Anthropometria. Common sense in racial problems.

Facts limiting the theory of heredity. Heredity The problems of heredity and their solution Podgorbunsk ii, V. Podgorbunsk ii, V. Iz buryatskovo fol'klora. Khamargan Dzhil. Year of Trouble. The Eugenics Review Science. Antiguedades mejicanas falsificadas El Sr. La lapida arqueologica de TepatlaxcoOrizaba. Inspeccion y conservacion de los Monumentos arqueologicos de la Republica Mexicana. Las obras de Teotihuacan. Smiths; Report for ; publi.

Flasificacion y falsificadores Mis exploraciones en Huexotla, Texcoco y "El Gavilah. Visita a los monumentos arquelogicos de "Ea Quemada. Inspeccion y conservatcion de monumentos arqueologicos de la Republica Mexicana. La signification veritable des mutilations dentaires ethniques et prehistoriques.

La Semaine Dentaire. Neue palaolithische Funde aus dem ehemaligen Deutsch-Ostafrika. Abriss der allgemeinen Variations - und Erblichkeitslehre. Fur Morphol. Und Anthrop. Grundriss der menschlichen Erblishkeitslehre und Rassenhygiene v. Das jung palaolithische alter des Das Eiszeit ochoskiefers. Die Chronologie der diluvialen Kulteren und Zeitschr f. Gray, H. The hand; method of measurement.

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Anthropometric standards for working women The development of motor abilities during the first three years - a study of sixty one infants tested repreatedly. Monographs of the Society for research in child development no. By Soc. For Res. In child. May Publications of Dr. Bean Observations on a study of the subclavian artery in man. A composite study of the subclavian artery in man. A theory of heredity to explain the types of the white race. Filipino types, III. Racial anatomy in Taytay.

Philip J. The men A cephalograph: the description of an Philip. A scheme to represent type heredity in man. Science Filipino types, III. Filipino ears, II: Ears from the Malecon morgue. Heredity of hair form among the Filipinos. Philippine Jour. Filipino ears: III, Negrito. Some useful morphologic factors in racial anatomy Morbidity and morphology. A composite study of the incidence of disease and physical form in New Orleans, LA.

Types among the inland tribes of Luzon and Philip. Mindanao Notes on the hairy men of the Philippine Amer. Islands and elsewhere Filipino ears: IV. Ilongot and Mangyan Philip. The stature and the eruption of the Amer. The growth of the head and face in American Amer. The permanent teeth, with special reference Proc. The weights of the organs in relation to type, race, sex, stature and age.

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The weight of the leg in living men. Notes on the postnatal growth of the heart, kidneys, liver and spleen in man. Anthropology in the medical curriculum. The two European types Anat. AJPA Contr. Die morphologie und die Erkrankungen des Zeitschr. Konstitutionalehrre Notes on the weight of some vital organs - Virginia Med. Monthly their development, variability and relation to disease - a summary. Some anatomical characters of the Mongoloid, a hypomorph White type Types of man in the yellow-brown race Types of the three great races of man. Human types. Stature in old Virginians. For Study of Feeble Minded Am.

Qtrly Rev. Some racial characteristics of the spleen weight in man. Some racial characteristics of the liver weight in man. Some racial characteristics of the weight of the heart and kidneys The men of Cainta Robert Bennett Bean, Anson, B. The pyramidalis muscle: its occurrence and size in American Whites and Negroes.

AJPA v. John Paul Latent Life: Its nature and its relations to certain theories of contemporary biology. Anniversary address smiths. For , v. On the stature of the older races of England J. Wingate, et al. Emile Cartailhac. Conference faite le 15 fevrier sous les auspices du Cercle toulousain de la Ligue de l'Enseignement. Un dessin releve dans la Caverne des Trois- C-R. Freres a Montesquieu-Avantes Ariege. Inscriptions et ellesLettres Vallois, H. Un cubitus perce d'un fleche en silex Anthropologie.

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Un crane trepane provenant d'une necropole Cong. De France, , de Montesquieu-Avantes Arigiage. Les empreintes prehistoriques: 1. Las empreintes de pieds prehistoriques B , 2. Empreintes de doigts prehistoriques et de quelques dessins B Bull. Du Midi de la France Inst. How to improve the race J. Heredity v. How to improve the race. Upon the formation of a deaf variety of the human race The influence of a previous sire Suicide and legislation Chapters in Nebraska Archaeology.

Notes on Charles D. Meigs from an essay by Bell. Measuring hair color AJPA La cirugia del craneo entre los antiguos pobladores del Peru Consanguinity: a method of indicating degrees of relationship in terms of blood cells. Revista Medica Latinoamericana Buffalo Med. See Benedict, Francis G. Benedict and M. Finn see MacLeod, Grace, et al. Alcohol and human physiology Indust. And Engin. Basal metabolism: I. What it is; II. An index Carnegie Inst.

Basal metabolism in anthropology Chinese J. Basal metabolism: the modern measure of vital activity Dernieres recherches du Nutrition Laboratory su le Metabolisme chez l'Homme et les Animaux. Die temperature der menschlichen haut Sci. Ein transportabler respirationsapparat fur medizinische experimente. Etudes recentes sur le metabolisme humain et animal A "Fiend respiration apparatus" for a medical and physiological survey of racial metabolism. Le metabolisme basal l'homme d'apres les dernieres recherches Physical factors in predicting the basal metabolism of girls Skin temperature and heat loss.

The surface area constant in comparative physiology. The racial element in human metabolism. A respiration apparatus for a metabolic study of the various subdivisions of the human race The energy requirement of intense mental effort Finn, M. Le Bain neutre et certaines positions du corps comme conditions prelimniaires possible s pour les mesures du metabolisme basal. Handbuch der Biologischen Arbeitsmethoden Bull. De la Soc. Scien d'Hygiene Alimentaire Boston Med.

Yale J. Series Proc. The energy and the protein content of foods New Hampshire Agric. Station, Bull. Ebooks and Manuals

Vorlesungen gehalten an der Wiener Allgemeinen Poliklinik Konopie w wierzeniach I zwyczajach ludowych le chanvre danse les coryances et les coutumes populaires. Etiology of trachoma with reference to relationship of Bacterium granulosis Noguchi to the disease. La phylogenese de la chronologie eruptive de la denture persistante chez l'homme. Klin Wochen. I etnol, Towar. Warszaw U. Health Rpts. Francais de Stomatologie. Les variations morphologiques dentaires humaines. Experimentelle neurogene Heterochromie und ihre Verhinderung durch Adrenalin. Francais de Stomatologie Sitzber. In Munchen Archiv.

Archaeology of the North Coast of Peru. Natural History. Excavations at Tiahuanaco. Papers, AMNH In quest of glacial man. A plan of Nat. Council Repr. Human remains. Om bedommelse av skoleungdommens idrettspraestationer. Physical ability relating to physiological development.

How to judge athletic performances of schoolchildren. Etude sur la stabilisation des albumines par les globulines. Umich Occasional Contr. Of Anthrop. Kristiania Second Int. For sex research Studies in Gen. And Exper. I Oslo, I.

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Klasse Inaug. For Smiths Rep. For , Page 34 of Vladislav Ruzicka Quelques observations sur les radiations mitogenetiques de Gourwitch. Wagner, K. Ueber die anwendung der Affinitatzahl und der Blockberechnung in der anthropologischen statistik Avhandl. Funf falle von erweiterung der Stirnhohlen The excavations of Carthage.

The appearance of life on worlds and the hypothesis of Arrhenius. Mitchell, and D. Bergey The gilding process and the metallurgy of copper and lead among the Pre-Columbian Indians. Ingeniorvidenskabelige Skrifter no. The metallurgy and technology of gold and Ingeniorvid. Strifter, A. Nelson, N.

Geology and prehistoric archaeology of the Gobi desert Etude sur la thermogenese des habitatns des tropiques pendant la marche sur une surface horizontale. Contribution a l'etude du metabolisme basal Mededeelingen van den chez les habitants es tropiques. Dienst der Volksgezondheid in Ned. Lake Baikal. Evidence of a seasonal cycle in human growth The mechanics of teleology, being a review of "Blood.

Henderson The question of compensating variability. Uber die Erblichkeit der Blutgruppen. Anzeiger Zeits. Shufeldt, R. Hay, O. State Geol. Survey Additional studies in the Pleistocene at Vero, 9th Ann. State Fl. Survey The menace of the birth rate. Australia The sectional anatomy of the head of the Proc.

Australian aboriginal. A contribution to the Edinburgh subject of racial anatomy. Intelligence and social valuation. A practical Publ. Vineland Training School N. A practical method for the early recognition Med. Australia of feeble-mindedness and other forms of social inefficiency. The place in nature of the Tasmanian Proc. Preliminary communication on 53 Tasmanian crania 42 of which are now recorded for the first time.

The craniometry of the Tasmanian aboriginal. A biometrical study of the relative degree of purity of race of the Tasmanian, Australian and Papuan. Edinburgh J. Tasmania, craniometry Tasmania, craniometry Tasmania, craniometry, ancestry see C. Cartailhac , E. Biographical sketch of Henry MilneEdwards. Exploration anthropologique de l'ile de Gerba Tunisie. The life and works of Brown-Sequard. Denombrement de l'Algerie depuis Algerie et Victoria comparees.

Cranial Amulets. Des conbinaisons de sexe dans les gorssesses gemellaires doubles ou triples , de leur cause et de leur cractere ethnique. De Paris, 2nd ser. Monthly Bull. La civilizacion Guarani. Resumen de prehistoria y protohistoria de los Paises Guaranies. De Soc. Ein Beitrag zur Untersuchung uber die Inaug.

Of the aborigines inhabiting the great J. Some curiosities of vision Lithuania: Facts supporting her claim for reestablishment as an independent nation Beziehungen wischen Pignet'schem Index, Bul. Kurper'fulle'Index und korperlicher Leistung Anth. Eine sozialanthropologische Untersuchung. Inaugural -Dissertation. Ein Fall von bilateral-symmetrischer Spaltung der grossen Zehe. On the Cenozoic deposits of the Lower Huangho valley. Zeitsch f. Morphol, und anthrop. China v. Expose general sur les races fontieres du Nord de L'Indochine. Ecole super. Indochine sect. Mensurations de fillettes et jeunes filles Trav.

Ecole tonkinoises de 5 an 18 ans. Note sur le systeme veineux superficiel du membre superieur chez le Tonkinois. Note sur une eurasienne de pere tonkinois et Trav. Ecole de mere allemande super. Recherches sur la croissance des eurasiens au Tonkin Trav. Recherches sur le penis des Tonkinois, suivies d'une note sur les auto'mutilations genitales.

Skelie eurasienne et rapport de Manouvrier. On composite photography as applied to Nat. And on measuring the cubic capacity of skulls; by Washington Matthews. Description of the composite photographs of World's Indust. Orleans A discussion of the vital statistics of the 12th Bur. Census Bull. Matthews, Washington On a new craniophore for use in making composite photographs of skulls. Matthews, Washingto On a new craniophore for use in making WAshington n composite photographs of skulls.

Mitchell, S. Bergey, D. The composition of expired air and its Smiths. For effects upon animal life. Observations on growth and development of AJPA chimpanzees. The discovery of pre-historic human remains Ameri. Science near Cuzco, Peru. Exhibition of photographs taken by Peruvian Expeditions of Nat. And Yale Univ. National Geographic Magazine. In the wonderland of Peru. The work National Geographic accomplished by the Peruvian expedition of Magazine , under the auspices of Yale Univ.

The investigation of the prehistoric human remais found near Cuzco, Peru in Material and social life and their cultural positions. Descriptive part. The Caribou Eskimos. Analytical part. Teoria ondulatoria de la historia The historical geography of early Japan Ameri. Americanistes Danske Vidensk. Buenos Aires Smiths. Ueber Hand und Fingerleisten von Indern Two cases of cardiac malformation more especially of the indundibular region. Endocranial markings of the human occipital Anat.

The human skeletal remains from the Sha Paleontol. Sinica, Serd. Interim report on the skull of Sinanthropus. China China, paleoanthropology dental, China, paleoanthropology China, paleoanthropology China, paleoanthropology China, paleoanthropology. The lower molar hominid tooth from the Chou Kou Tien deposit. A note on the physical characters of the prehistoric Kansu race. Notice of the recovery of a second adult Sinanthropus skull specimen.

On an adolescent skull of Sinanthropus Paleontol. Sin, ser. On the discovery, morphology and environment of Sinanthropus pekinensis Philos. Trans, Roy. China, paleoanthropology paleogeography, climate China, paleoanthropology China, paleoanthropology China, paleoanthropology. Palaeogeography and polar shift. A study of Bull. China hypothetical projections. Preliminary note on additional Sinanthropus Bull.

China material discovered in Choi kou tien during Preliminary notice of the discovery of an Bull. China adult Sinanthropus skull at Choi kou tien. Sinanthropus pekinensis: The recovery of further fossil remains of this early hominid from the Choi kou tien deposit A study of Kansu and Honan Eneolithic skulls and specimens from later Kansu prehistoric sites in comparison with North China nd other recent crania. On measurement and identification.

Fossil man in China: the Choukoutien cave deposits with a synopsis of our present knowledge of the Late Cenozoic in China Science. Mottled teeth: an endemic developmental Dental cosmos imperfection of the teeth heretofore unknown in the literature of dentistry. Notes on a collection from the ancient cemetery at the Bay of Chacota, Peru. A contribution to the topographical anatomy of the mediastinum and the superior aperture of the thorax The future of man in the light of his past: I.

The genetic view-point A unique skull of neanderthal man discovered in a cave at Mount Circeo 11th Ann. Peabody Mus. Science London News v. Les Grottes paleolithiques et l'homme fossile Rev. Blanckenhorn Blaschy Bleek Rudolf D. Ueber die Crista supramastoidea des Schlafenbeins Comparative vocabularies of Bushman languages. Capetown Publ. Life and Lang. Cape Town Schl. Life and Lang The frequency of Mongoloid imbecility; the question of race and the apparent influence of sex Indications that Mongoloid imbecility is a gametic mutation of degressive type Die Schadelformen der Elsassischen Bevolkerung in alter und neuer Zeit Early man in western and northwestern Canada.

Origin and evolution of the blond Europeans Smiths. For The origin of syphilis Morbus Americanus. Americanists The origin of syphilis Morbus Americanus. Americanists Commerce, trade and monetary units of the Smiths. For Maya Summary of archaeological work in the Americas Middle America Decas collections suae craniorum divarsum gentium. Decas alterak collectionis suae craniorum.

Diversarum gentium illustrata Decas tertia collectionis suae craniorum. Diversarum gentium illustrata Pan. Gottingae Gottingae. List of native tribes of the Philippines and of Smiths. For the languages spoken by them The anthropology of the North American Mem. Indian Anthrop. The growth of children, part 2. Philippines, linguistics North America, Native Americans growth and development, subadult growth and development, subadult.

Zur anthropologie der nordamerikanischen Indianer Bibliography. Franz Boas, Ph. The growth of Toronto children. The foundation of a national anthropological Science society The folk-lore of the Eskimo J. The history of anthropology Anthropology The relationship of the Eskimos of East Greenland Curso de antropologia general. De Mexico, secc. De cien.

Contes (French Edition)

Science On the variety of lines of descent represented Amer. The hair color of the Italians. Research Science Sci. The aims of anthropological research. Age changes and secular changes in anthropometric measurements The graying of hair Abstract of the report on changes in bodily form of descendants of immigrants The growth of Philippine children.

Beschreibung der Schadel aus einer spatromischen Grabstatte, nahe dem Weissthurthor in Strassburg Ancient stone implements in the Santal Parganas Shoulder-headed and other forms of stone implements in the Santal Parganas Determination of the condylo-diaphysial angle of the humerus Quelle est la reace la plus ancienne de la Russie centrale Medicine in China Reviewed by G. Etnografia del alto Paraguay. Novye dannye k woprosu o proto-aziatakh Elements of the culture of the cirumpolar zone Detection and prevention of nasal stenosis and facial deformity Infant diet a factor in dental irregularities and decay The influence on development of arranging irregularly placed teeth into their normal positions Orthodontia of deciduous teeth The principal molar in man, and its relations and bearings upon the other teeth.

For Trans. Allied Societies. Dental Section, Br. Meeting Dental Digest Dental Cosmos v. The relations of the dental arches to pathologica affections of the nasopharynx and adjacent parts. Some of the causes of irregular teeth, with suggestions as to preventive treatment or early care. Theories made facts. Ecchondroma et exostosis bursata scapulae English summary: Ecchondroma bursatum et exostosis bursata scapulae.

Problemi della vita delle specie e Padova degli individui. Biotipologia delle aristrocrazie. Contributi Pub. Del Sacro Cuore. Buitrage zur Affenanatomie. Zur Zeitsch f. Te Amsterdam, Proc. Deutsche Monatsschrift fur Zahnheilkunde Anat. Die "Nebenleiste" der Saugetiere und die "Zahndrusenleiste" der reptilien.

Die verschiedenen formen des Condylus tertius und ihre Entstehungsursache. Odontological essays. I: on the development Jour. Gorilla Amsterdam, Proc. On the hair slope in the frontal region of man Jour. On the origin of human races Proc. Wetensch te Amsterdam. On the relation between reptilian and Jour. Te the platyrrhine and catarrhine Primates Amsterdam, Proc.

On the tooth glands in reptiles and their rudiments in mammals. Origin of racial characteristics in man. AJPA Page 46 of Anales de la Sociedad Cientifica Argentina Rev. De Cienc. Commis Pour l'Etude du Quarternaire Bull. De la Comm. Pour l'Etude du Quarternaire, Acad. Des Sciences, U. Commis Pour l'Etude du Quarternaire Ueber unvollstandig assimilierte letzte occipital wirbel beim Menschen Chiinese relics in Alaska Alcuni problemi d'antropologia sistematica La mandibula humana de Banolas Le paleolithique de Crimee.

Saitan-koba, krimskaja stojanka tipa abri odi Chai'tan-koba, une station du type abri audit en Crimee. The paleolithic in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics The dangers of racial decay and the remedy. Of the 9th Conf. Of the Int. Fed of Eugenic Organisations Rpt. Fed of Eugenic Organisations On the craniology of Oceania. Crania from new Britain Hum. Illinois Bull. Haarspiralen und Haarspindeln Kiefer von Mauer bei Heidelberg. Sitzungsberg Die ersten Entwicklungsstadien der Papillarmuster der menschlichen Fingerballen. Jahrbuch Anthrop.

Was lehrt die embryologie der papillarmuster Zeitschr. Induktive uber ihre bedeutung als Rassen und Familien Abstammungs und vererbungslehre charakter? In memoriam J. Dra Karla Weignera Observations craniologiques faites sur cranes teheques, des ossuaires de la Boheme meridionale. Pohlavni rozdily na lebce cloveka sexual differences in the human skull.

Comptes rendus de l'Ass. Ved a Umeni Praque Karel Weigner, anatom, lekar a Prakticky lekar ucitel.

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Vzust tela a postup osifikace u hochu od Czech. Glydnia: Poland's gateway to the sea. Moir, J. Reid Baltic Inst. Rasenhygiene Poland v. The Pleistocene deposits and their contained J. Regionale de Haute Loire. The anthropological work of Prince Albert 1 Smiths. For of Monaco and the recent progress of human paleontology in France. L'abri du mammouth a Morchies Pas-deCalais. La paleontologie humaine en Angleterre Les singes fossiles de l'Inde d'apres M. De L'Inst. De Paleontol.

Humaine, Mem. Idiocy with pachydermical cachexia Stephane A. Annotazioni sull'anatomia del palato duro III : partecipazione dell'entepterigoide alla costi-tuzione della volta palatina negli Sdentati. Fontanella ed ossicina metopiche o mediofrontali. Osservazioni anatomiche su crani di Giapponesi. Rarissima dystopia do colon transverso e do colon descendente. Mayan nomenclature The growth of children. Di Med. Psycho-Asthenics v. Paulistas de med. Da Fac. De Med. De Sao Paulo Cambridge. Press Eighth Ann. Of the St. Of Health of Mass. On the collection of data at autopsies.

To Mass. MedicoLegal Soc Possible origin of oceans and continents. Gerlands Beitr. Geophysik The geologic relations of the Cuzco remains Amer. The highland dweller of Bolivia: An anthropo-geographic interpretation. Geographical Soc. Of Philadelphia. Boyd, W. Blood group reactions of preserved bone and AJPA muscle v. An attempt to determine the blood groups of mummies Blood grouping tests on mummies with notes on the precipitin test Blood groups and inbreeding in Syria Blood groups and inbreeding in Syria The blood groups of the Rwala Bedouin New data on blood groups and other inherited factors in Europe and Egypt.

New racial blood group studies in Europe and Egypt. For Exp. Immunology AJPA The past progress and present position of the Smiths. Rept for anthropological sciences. American antiquities and researches into the origin and history of the Red Race ancestry. Bette Davis made a cameo appearance as Empress Catherine the Great.

June 19 is the th day of the year st in leap years in the Gregorian calendar. Earl Erling Skakke is killed, and the battle changes the tide of the civil wars. Plot As the film opens, Henri's father, a chauffeur, is falsely accused of having murdered his boss. During his trial and imprisonment, Henri's mother finds a job in a tavern on a Normandy beach. His father dies attempting to escape from prison, and upon hearing the news Henri's mother commits suicide.

Henri grows up an orphan and learns boxing. The term Lute song is given to a music style from the late 16th century to early 17th century, late Renaissance to early Baroque, that was predominantly in England and France. Lute songs were generally in strophic form or verse repeating with a homophonic texture. The composition was written for a solo voice with an accompaniment, usually the Lute.

It was not uncommon for other forms of accompaniments such as; bass viol, or other string instruments and could also be written for more voices. The composition could be performed either solo or with a small group of instruments. The basic style of lute songs are light and serious, with poetic lyrics that usually followed word-setting to composed music. In England, the songs tended to range from extended contrapuntal compositions to short harmonized tunes.

The text could be written by the composer or most often borrowed from a poem, set in verse form. These songs were composed for professional and amateur performers, which had variations for solo and ensemble. Coprothermobacterota is a newly proposed phylum of nonmotile, rod-shaped bacteria. This is a list of composers active during the Renaissance period of European history. Since the 14th century is not usually considered by music historians to be part of the musical Renaissance, but part of the Middle Ages, composers active during that time can be found in the List of Medieval composers.

Composers on this list had some period of significant activity after , before , or in a few cases they wrote music in a Renaissance idiom in the several decades after The school also included some English composers at the time when part of modern France was controlled by England. The Burgundian School was the first phase of activity of. Variety Film Reviews, Volume Garland Pub. Hercule Mucchielli. Piazzola, The case seems about to arrive when Mr. Plot Anne-Marie Gratigny is the wife of a famous plastic surgeon, Gilbert. She has a good life, with maids, money, and everything ordinary women would dream of.

But her marriage is a total failure. Her husband lives for his job and does not pay proper attention to Anne-Marie. As a result of years of neglect, Mrs. Gratigny has a lover named Leo, who works as a ship builder, and is urging Anne-Marie to leave her husband and this unbearable situation, and go with him to China, where he is seeking a big project for his work.

However, after spending an entire day out, planning her departure, when Anne-Marie returns home, she is surprised to find the whole family there, with some very shocking news: Gilbert has died in a car accident. Relieved that her failed marriage is at an end, Anne-Marie now sees the chance to meet her lover more often, and is. This is a list of living actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Entries are from oldest to youngest.

Actors are listed with the year of their Hollywood debut, along with any films they had credited roles in a maximum of seven which are now considered classics. Films listed include those produced after United States v. Paramount Pictures, Inc. List A total of actors are listed. Actors born in the Coprothermobacterales is a new taxonomic order of thermophilic bacteria in the class Coprothermobacteria of the phylum Coprothermobacterota.

Clinton Eastwood Jr. After achieving success in the Western TV series Rawhide, he rose to international fame with his role as the Man with No Name in Italian filmmaker Sergio Leone's Dollars Trilogy of spaghetti Westerns during the s and as antihero cop Harry Callahan in the five Dirty Harry films throughout the s and s. These roles, among others, have made Eastwood an enduring cultural icon of masculinity. Eastwood's greatest commercial successes have been the adventure comedy Every Which Way But Loose and its sequel, the action comedy Any Which Way You Can , after adjustment for inflation.

There are 39 known isotopes and 17 nuclear isomers of tellurium Te , with atomic masses that range from to These are listed in the table below. Naturally-occurring tellurium on Earth consists of eight isotopes. Two of these have been found to be radioactive: Te and Te undergo double beta decay with half-lives of, respectively, 2.

The longest-lived artificial radioisotope of tellurium is Te with a half-life of nearly 19 days. Several nuclear isomers have longer half-lives, the longest being mTe with a half-life of days. The very-long-lived radioisotopes Te and Te are the two most common isotopes of tellurium. Of elements with at least one stable isotope, only indium and rhenium likewise have a radioisotope in greater abundance than a stable one.

It has been claimed that electron capture of Te was observed, but the recent measurements of the. Le Conte du ventre plein international English title: Bellyful is a film written and directed by Melvin Van Peebles. Plot summary A conservative couple masquerade as liberal do-gooders in late 60's France. With orders piling up at their bistro, The Full Belly, Loretta and Henri, self-described "pillars of the community," hire Diamantine as a waitress in order to give a poor black orphan a chance at a better life.

At home, they tell their trusting, new live-in employee that she's "one of the family," yet in town they encourage widespread disapproval of her. When they convince her to carry an extended joke to full term - pretending she's pregnant - Diamantine, and a slightly shady friend of the couple, Jan, become entangled in an elaborate charade. Julia Sutton July 20, — July 1, was a musicologist and historian of early dance and music.

She was professor at New England Conservatory of Music, teaching in the Music History and Musicology department, which she chaired for more than twenty years. Sutton was a dance enthusiast and also a teacher of living dance traditions, including American square dance, American contradance, international folk dance, and English country dance. Her scholarship explored the relationships between music and dance in Western culture. Polytene chromosomes in a Chironomus salivary gland cell Polytene chromosome Polytene chromosomes are large chromosomes which have thousands of DNA strands.

They provide a high level of function in certain tissues such as salivary glands. Balbiani in Polytene chromosomes are found in dipteran flies: the best understood are those of Drosophila, Chironomus and Rhynchosciara. They are present in another group of arthropods of the class Collembola, a protozoan group Ciliophora, mammalian trophoblasts and antipodal, and suspensor cells in plants.

They are produced when repeated rounds of DNA replication without cell division forms a giant chromosome. Thus polytene chromosomes form when multiple rounds of replication produce many sister chromatids which stay fused together. Polytene chromosomes, at interphase, are seen to have distinct thick and thin banding. A golfer is a person who plays golf. Below is a list of male golfers, professional and amateurs, sorted alphabetically. Category:Lists of golfers contains lists of golfers sorted in several other ways: by nationality, by tour and by type of major championship won men's, women's or senior.

All members of the World Golf Hall of Fame are listed, including those inducted for their off-course contributions to the sport. They are annotated HoF. The Dakar Rally was the 41st edition of the event and the eleventh successive year that the event was held in South America.

The event started in Lima, Peru on 6 January and finished there on 17 January after 10 stages of competition. From onwards, the rally will be held in Saudi Arabia. The following is the list of mammals which have been taxonomically described in the 21st century. Dual origins of tribosphenic mammals.

Nature — Evolutionary history of the cetaceans: a review. Secondary Adaptations of Tetrapods to Life in the Water — G, Carleton M. Superfamily Muroidea. Johns H. The film focuses on an aging "Don Juan" who embarks on a cross-country journey to track down four of his former lovers after receiving an anonymous letter stating that he has a son. Plot Don Johnston Bill Murray , a former Don Juan who made a small fortune in the computer industry, wants to live in quiet retirement. He is content to lounge around watching old movies and listening to classical or easy listening music.

His current girlfriend, Sherry Julie Delpy , is ending their relationship and moving out of his house when a letter in a pink envelope arrives. After she walks out, Don reads the letter; it purports to be from an unnamed former girlfriend, informing him that he has a son w. Donald Warren "D. He took the stage name of "D. The Moffetts are able to trace their ancestry to Jean de Mophet. Mophet was anglicized to Moffat and later Moffett. In the years , Moffett attended a private secondary school in Germany Schule Schloss Neubeuern.

After attending Stanford University, where he majored in political science, he found himself back in Chicago. Denis Bertrand Yves Crouzet born 10 March [1] is a French historian specialising in the history of the early modern period and particularly in the French Wars of Religion during the reformation. He is a professor at Paris-Sorbonne University where he holds the chair in History of the 16th Century.

He is married to the historian Elisabeth Crouzet-Pavan. Life Crouzet was born in Paris into a family of historians. His doctoral dissertation, La violence au temps des troubles de religion vers vers , was supervised by Pierre Chaunu. After receiving his doctorate he was appointed professor of modern history at the University of Lyon—Jean M. A tombeau plural tombeaux is a musical composition earlier, in the early 16th century, a poem commemorating the death of a notable individual.

The term derives from the French word for "tomb" or "tombstone". The vast majority of tombeaux date from the 17th century and were composed for lute or other plucked string instruments. The genre gradually fell out of use during the 18th century, but reappeared in the early 20th. The musical genre of tombeau is generally connected with music for the lute of the 17th and 18th centuries.

The earliest example of this genre seems to be the Tombeau de Mezangeau by French lutenist Ennemond Gaultier. The formal title has varied since its inception; since , the award has officially been called "Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture". The serial plots—a rarity on CBS, a network where most of the programming at that time was procedural—were especially showcased in its highly praised fifth season.