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The conversation was at this point, and bid fair to last some timelonger, when one of the fairies appeared in her ivory car, accom-panied by a beautiful woman past her early youth. At this momentthe bird suddenly awakened, and, flying on to Saphirs shoulder which it never afterwards left , began fondling him as well as abird can do.

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The fairy told Serpentine that she was quite satisfiedwith her conduct, and made herself very agreeable to Saphir, whomshe presented to the lady she had brought with her, explaining thatthe lady was no other than his Aunt Aglantine, widow of Dia-mantino. Then they all fell into each others arms, till the fairy mountedher chariot, placed Aglantine by her side, and Saphir and Serpen-tine on the front seat. Thismatter being comfortably arranged, she started off her chariot.

Butin spite of the swiftness with which they flew through the air, thotime passed even quicker for Saphir and Serpentine, who had somuch to think about. They were still quite confused with the pleasure of seeing eachother, when the chariot arrived at King Peridors palace. He hadhad himself carried to a room on the roof, where his nurses thoughtthat he would die at any moment.

Directly the chariot drew withinsight of the castle the beautiful bird took flight, and, making straightfor the dying King, at once cured him of his sickness. Then sheresumed her natural shape, and he found that the bird was no othertlniii the Queen Constance, whom he had long believed to be dead. Peridor wa Note About Images.

At the time of upload, the image license was automatically confirmed using the Flickr API. For more information see Flickr API detail. It was the farmer coming home.

New impression.

If he saw one he was made quite mad. But when they heardthe farmer corning they were frightened, and the farmers wifelicked the sexton to creep into a great empty chest.

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He did so,as lie knew the poor man could not bear to see a sexton. The wifehastily hid all the beautiful food and the wine in her oven; for ifher husband had seen it, he would have been sure to ask what itall meant. Oh, dear!

Is anybody up there? Why are you lying there? Come with me intothe house. Then Little Klaus told him how he had lost his way, and beggedto be allowed to spend the night there. The wife received them both very kindly, spread a long table,and gave them a large plate of porridge. At the time of upload, the image license was automatically confirmed using the Flickr API. For more information see Flickr API detail. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. File information. Contains 30 true stories, mainly drawn from European history. Includes the life of Joan of Arc and the Jacobite uprising of Contains 65 stories about animals.

Some of them are simple accounts of how animals live in the wild. Others are stories about pets, or remarkable wild animals, or about hunting expeditions.

Many are taken from Alexandre Dumas. Forty-one Japanese , Scandinavian , and Sicilian tales. Media related to The pink fairy book at Wikimedia Commons. Contains 34 stories from the Arabian Nights , adapted for children. The story of Aladdin is in this volume as well as in the Blue Fairy Book. Contains 46 stories about real and mythical animals. Thirty-five stories, many from oral traditions, and others from French, German and Italian collections.

Romania, Japan, Serbia , Lithuania , Africa, Portugal, and Russia are among the sources of these 35 stories that tell of a haunted forest, chests of gold coins, a magical dog, and a man who outwits a dragon. Contains nineteen stories from various medieval and Renaissance romances of chivalry , adapted for children. Media related to The book of romance at Wikimedia Commons. Contains 29 stories from various medieval and Renaissance romances of chivalry, adapted for children.

Published by Longmans as written by "Mrs.

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Lang"; illustrated by H. Contains 14 stories about the childhoods of European monarchs, including Napoleon , Elizabeth I , and Frederick the Great. Contains 12 true stories about role models for children, including Hannibal , Florence Nightingale , and Saint Thomas More. Contains 30 stories on a variety of subjects, including true stories, Greek myths , and stories from Alexandre Dumas , Walter Scott and Edgar Allan Poe. Contains 23 stories about saints.

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Most of these are true stories, although a few legends are also included. Published after Andrew Lang's death, with an introduction by Mrs. Contains thirty-four stories on a variety of subjects, including ghost stories, Native American legends, true stories, and tales from Washington Irving. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Blue Fairy Book.

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