Lessons in Unassuming Leadership

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BUT, and as obscure as it may seem, public service and refereeing actually share some very similar experiences, and recognizing this can actually teach us some very important lessons about leadership. So, hear me out. Referees, like those in public service, are facilitators, they are the enablers, the diplomats, the judiciary, the rule enforcers, the teachers and the carers.

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They do this all for the love of the game and for a sense of community. In the stadium, we are the police, we are the firefighters, we are the courts and councilmen, and sometimes, we have to be animal control as well. Yes, you heard me right… animal control. In all honesty, the greatest thing that both positions have to develop is trust.

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I did not even come close to realizing this early on in my refereeing career, but this is what makes us successful at our jobs. The weight that trust carries is actually astounding. Creating trust and building relationships and rapport with those around us through clear communication and demonstrating objective and transparent decision-making, makes all the difference in the world.

This goes for referees and it most definitely goes for those in public service.

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On the court, if I have built and established a level of trust with players and coaches and sometimes parents , a bad call on my part is far more easily forgiven, and they perhaps will not call for my head on the way out the door or in the parking lot. As a basketball player albeit not a very good one , I know I have caught myself walking into an arena looking at which referee would be on my game. I would find myself either mentally high-fiving myself knowing that this person was capable and I trusted them to be the arbiter, or, I would audibly groan knowing that I was up for a tough match, as I was just as likely to be going to battle with the referee as much as the opposition.

Those who have played competitive sports know this feeling. Honestly, the same thing goes when I walk into a stadium and see who I will be refereeing with on the next match. Like walking into the workplace and trusting who you have to work with, knowing who I would be walking onto the court with, made all the difference. Knowing them, their background, how long they have been doing this for, their level of integrity, the calls they have made good and bad , do I trust them not to mess up and make us all look like fools?

What this meant was that, on the court, he trusted my judgement, he trusted my skills, and my ability to communicate and relate to people and build those vital relationships.

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This absolutely also rings true in the workplace. On the court as in public service, consistency is key. Consistency in your calls takes away the element of surprise. Consistency builds credibility. He lost his wife Medha in Parrikar is survived by two sons, Utpal and Abhijat. Read more on manohar parrikar.

Manohar Parrikar passed away. Rahul Gandhi. Dassault Rafale. Manohar Parrikar death. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Goa CM. Follow us on. Download et app.

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The exercises and forms in this book are ones which Greg has taught to great This book presents a collection of hadiths traditions of the holy Prophet and Imams pbut.

Lessons in Unassuming Leadership

It covers a wide spectrum of subjects such as theology, morality, jurisprudence and mysticism. With its stimulating collection of traditions from the main figures of Leadership: Lessons Learned. This book is volume III of a story about a community college president in rural This book is volume III of a story about a community college president in rural Mississippi. President Charles Caraway, in his 10th year as President of Fair Oaks Community College, works with his leadership team to make decisions about challenges Life's Leadership Lessons.

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Lesli C. Myers combines her wide range of life experiences, memories, and an uncanny Myers combines her wide range of life experiences, memories, and an uncanny ability as a storyteller to put together this collection of reflections, stories and experiences that are rich with lessons on leadership and life. The book Making Sense of Integers. So far in the Core Advantage system, students have learned how to add, subtract, multiply,