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Incase you wish to get in touch with us, call us on our toll free number at This Goan confection, which was once a prominent part of the dessert table, has slowly been disappearing from homes. Here's what it means to someone who grew up eating this Christmas favourite. Though my ten years of life at the time had seen their moments of drama and incident, there was no chance that I could have woken up in the certain knowledge that I would remember one particular day for as long as I lived. The wedding I attended that day was an ostentatious one, filled with people, numbering the usual 2, or so people.

Even as a child, what intrigued me most in life was food. It was a constant - infallible in most ways - because food could alter the emotions, win arguments, induce positive emotions, and even turn one's fortunes, under the right circumstances. As the end of the evening approached, the anticipation that had been growing within me was almost uncontainable, and as the food was revealed to the public, I puttered off, as always, to the dessert table. For the first time, I saw a dish that was new to me. It resembled a mound of bright-yellow angel hair, with a layer of off-white underneath.

Tugging at my mother's dress, I asked what it was, and she replied, 'Fios de Ovos'.


Loosely translated - egg wires, and though they looked like it, in reality, they were anything but. Before we get into the back-story of this fabulous sweet, let's get into what it is all about. The long, bright yellow strands that cover the outside like a poorly-woven wig are made of egg yolk, and delicate to the touch. The inside, on the other hand, contains a mass of grated coconut, soaked in sugar syrup, and garnished with raisins and cashew nuts, for some added tang and crunch.

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Like other egg-based Portuguese sweets and there is no dearth of these , Fios de Ovos is believed to have been the creation of Portuguese nuns, over the course of the 14th or 15th centuries. Laundry duties were a common chore performed in convents and monasteries, and the egg whites used for starching clothes created a surplus of yolks, which were then used to craft desserts of various shapes and sizes. Unlike the Goan variant, the Portuguese Fios de Ovos consists purely of the yolk strands, which are sweeter than their Goan counterparts.

Translation of "thong is" in Portuguese

Later, between the 16th and 18th centuries, Portuguese explorers took the recipe to Thailand and Japan. In Thailand, it is known as Foi Thong, the word thong meaning gold being auspicious to the Thai people during any ceremony. The sweet is thus served only at events of great importance. In Japan, the dish is referred to as Keiran Somen, where it has been eaten for three-and-a-half centuries.

Brazil has its own version too, similar to the Portuguese one, and it's often used in the fillings and decoration of cakes and other desserts, or as accompaniments for both sweet and savory dishes. Coming closer to home, Goa doesn't have this dish available, ready to buy, off a shelf.

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It is only made by certain caterers, for weddings and other grand occasions; most of these have, over time, altered the recipe, and it is no longer half as great as it once used to be. Deep in the south of Goa, in a little village called Dramapur, lives a woman called Rosa Maria, who runs a little outfit called St Joseph Caterers.

She is probably the last bastion of authenticity when it comes to the sweet, and at Christmas is often haunted by me, like one of Dickens' ghosts, to get a little helping of the stuff that I can squirrel away for a few days. If you're ever in her neighbourhood at that time of year, you might want to do the same. Her generosity knows no bounds, and neither does her skill, which especially when it comes to making Fios de Ovos, is prodigious.

I'm Interested. Thank you. Thank you for enquiring with Tour To Feast. Our travel expert will get in touch with you soon. Palmela The chronological timespan of the themes stretched from the later middle ages to the twenty-first century. Keynote address by Prof. The conference presented a historical retrospective of the Portuguese Studies Review and its publishing precursors, and a retrospective of the Lusophone Studies Association and its role as part of the Canadian cultural and scholarly scene. The conference featured presentations by members of the Editorial Board of the PSR , highlighted selected aspects of their research, and honoured the founding editor emeritus of the PSR , Prof.

Douglas L. The Editorial Board segment of the conference included a keynote address of by Prof. Featured Book Fair Events. Featured Exhibitions and Festas Chronicle. Curator: Alexandra Gomes Markl. Jerome", from the Albertina Museum in Vienna.

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The panel was offered as a gift to Rui Fernandes de Almada, the Secretary of the Portuguese 'factory' commercial headquarters and warehouse in the city of Antwerp. The small but significant exhibition offers a deep insight into the painter's creative process. Oil on oak, Jerome in his Study" Part of a series of grape harvest events at various locations around the island: parades and folk music, wine tasting, local gastronomy presentations. Featured Exhibitions Chronicle Past. Special Exhibition, 14th June to 7th October Was open daily from 10 AM to 5 PM. Billingual richly illustrated catalogues are available.

The exhibition presented to the public c. The display ran from 24 February to 9 April A voyage into the past, "The Global City: Lisbon in the Renaissance" was a museological venture offering a unique point of entry into the street-level atmosphere and material culture of a Lisbon that had been forever altered by the devastating earthquake of and thus no longer is experientially available as a coherent entitiy to any visitor.

The portal through which the exhibit drew the viewer, on multiple levels, into the scenery of a pre global metropolis were the recently identified sixteenth-century vistas of the Rua Nova dos Mercadores The New Street of the Merchants , purchased in by Dante Gabriel Rosetti, preserved at Kelmscott Manor and owned by the Society of Antiquaries of London.

Fios de Ovos, a legacy of the Portuguese

You can check out the story of the exhibit's making and get a limited retrospective in the video documentary linked here If you travel to Portugal, please reserve some time to visit the collections of the Museu Nacional da Arte Antiga , and then perhaps take time to amble through all the parts of Lisbon that were featured in various publications connected with the "Global City" exhibit -- immerse yourself in the atmosphere.

Featured Presses, Selected Publications. Please visit the press website for other books published recently. It does so from the starting point of two large-scale sixteenth-century vistas by an anonymous Flemish master that depict the Rua Nova dos Mercadores commercial and financial thoroughfare. Acquired in by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the vistas contribute a unique spatio-temporal window into the past, at street level, bustling with the stark contradictions and contrasts of a global metropolis. The volume conjoins the two works of art with a wealth of data from newly found or suitably valorized archival documents, accompanied by a carefully selected display of little known or unpublished images of contemporary trade staples, curiosities, luxury and prestige items, naturalia , exotica , and other objects.

TonyAlmeida (Portugal)’s review of O Fio do Tempo

A physical expression of the worldwide tangle of commerce, the Rua Nova as an architectural construct symbolically echoed the estuary of the river Tagus as a natural feature opening out to the Atlantic and to the oceans far beyond. The book Iets readers glimpse Lisbon and its material culture in all the vibrant cosmopolitanism characterizing this major trading hub of the Renaissance world, a hub whose essence and texture were to be forever altered by one of the planet's iconic natural cataclysms — an earthquake and a tsunami — on Saturday, 1 November , the holiday of All Saints' Day.

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