What the Wolf Craves (Rough M/F Vampire Werewolf Erotica)

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I believe one of those books also introduced me to golden showers Jill wrote: "Love the whole two cock thing. Loved them…thanks so much for recommending them!! Love the whole two cock thing. Jill wrote: "I would be interested about the shifted sex in this one too! Are they mermaids? Satyrs with two Cocks!! How HOT is that?!!! I would be interested about the shifted sex in this one too! Lisa, I saw that you have read Nicholas Did that book have shifted sex in it?

Cause if it does, I need to add it to my tbr ;o I will have to research more on R. Butler books and Jenika Snow books. I have read a lot of R. Jan 27, AM. Jan 26, PM.

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Ladymcbeth wrote: "wow a lot of books don't fit here like those of S. You should remove them" Thanks Lady, I will remove all of the S. E Smith books. Jan 26, AM. You should remove them. Mar 03, PM. I added it Paula if you want to vote for it. It wasn't on Goodreads. It definitely fits the criteria. Very short and to the point.

Steamy here and there. It was more that immediately after they finished orgasming the men were forced into a shift. So I guess it probably doesn't count. I just thought it was interesting. Like they had to back out because they were shifting. She also shifted from human to fairy during sex in the last one. Oh hell Jill. I read the Forced Awakening series and didn't remember any werewolf shifting during sex.

Which one had shifted sex? You can add them by clicking the tab to the top right that says add books to this list When that tab opens, you can add from your book shelves by selecting which of your shelves you want to pull up. Then you can click to vote for the books that come up!

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If you have trouble let me know and I can add them for you hun ;oD. Well I just read a fair few on the weekend. Two by Celia Skyes, but they aren't actually on good reads yet, dammit. Forced Awakening by bree bellucci was awesome with the orgasms she gives the guys make them shift! Can you tell I got my porn on this weekend? I would add these to the list but I don't know how too :. And I just finished "Full Moon Fuck" which had a great werewolf on teen girl sex Feb 23, AM. Hey Jill! Shifters and Werewolves only.

I'm hoping you know of a few ;oP. Do you include the Breed series by Lora Leigh, because although they don't shift, they have "features" in the junk department.

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Also what about Laurann Dohners Species series, they look like animals and humans. Is this included? Feb 22, PM. Well at least we can change our votes. I'm always changing mine on listopia. I think that vote was a mistake. I' m such a dork! Hahahaha Paula, you voted for this one so I was hoping you could help my memory. We'll have to ask another reader of this series that's taking their ginsing. I read "His Perfect Mate" book 2.

My memory is so bad the only book I could think of that had sex during shift was the Centaur one. I remember some from when I first started reading this stuff but can't remember which ones they were. Was it a partial shift? Damn I wish I could remember. I keep thinking of the lead guy going crazy and trashing her place.

That was so funny. Great idea I'll check my werewolf list to add some here ;. Feb 20, PM. Sammy wrote: "Thanks Paula! This list has me so excited! I'm glad this list was created, I need some new recommendations as well. Thanks Paula! I just added 2 free books to the free list. Heh Heh Heh! Just look at all of that porn. Gotta head for my wish list to add some interesting literature for the near future reading. I Rock! Paula wrote: "Oh look! Did I do that? I see it there. Somebody tell me if I did that. Did I hurt you? Just hold on, I need just a second to adjust.

His cock slid another inch into my pussy, filling me with pure pleasure. He exhaled and withdrew to the tip of his cock and very slowly inched back in. My muscles flexed and relaxed as he filled me to the hilt. His cock rubbed at the base of my cervix. He repeated the slow and easy torment before he finally smiled and picked up the rhythm. Fast and hard.


No more Mr. Nice Guy. Fucking fantabulous. There was nothing fancy about what he was doing, no porn star moves, just primal animal thrusts over and over until I was sure he was splitting my pussy in half. I loved it. Sign In 0. Erotic Romance. Mainstream Romance.

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See More. General Fiction. Heat Rating: Scorching. Note: This book contains extreme violence. A Siren Erotic Romance. Wish List In Wish List. Gift Book. Available formats. Cover Art by Jinger Heaston. Professional Reviews. Read more. More From The Bitch with Bite. People Also Bought:. Double Bang! Tarah Scott , KyAnn Waters. Animal Attraction Lynn Marie. Tweets by sirenbookstrand. Need Help? Vist our Help Desk Contact Us.

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For Readers. Follow Us. Cookies are disabled in your browser Please enable Cookies to use the site. When Cookies are enabled, please reload the page. Whether the pack likes it or not, you will be mine. Before she got a chance to argue his lips slammed on hers, silencing her. He was her first ever kiss and she froze. Cade did not give up. He held her against the tree pressing his body to hers. She felt the hard length of his cock pressing against her stomach. Titania only came to his chest in height. One of his hands moved from her arm to sink into the length of her hair and the other cupped her hip.

Arousal sprung up inside her, hard and hot. She wanted him at the same time as not. There was no way she could feel desire for this man. He terrified her, from his tattoos to his strength. Her thoughts muddled together confusing her.

She circled her arms around his neck holding him close. His tongue licked along her lips seeking entry. Titania gave it to him, opening her lips. He plunged his tongue inside, stroking along her tongue. Moaning, she held him tighter. The hand on her hip moved to her stomach and down farther to cup her mound. She broke the kiss, gasping. Your scent tells me otherwise. Heat filled her cheeks from how much she wanted him. Treacherous body. Cade lifted her up holding her close to his body and trapping her against the tree. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she held on.

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  • She was the biggest wolf, apart from the men, in the Rock Wood Pack. He stroked her clit teasing her. I want you, Titania. She shook her head. No man had ever touched her the way Cade was. His kiss was her first. So much pent up need had her splintering apart in his arms within seconds of his touch. She felt the tip of his dick pressing to her entrance stopping all kinds of pleasure.

    Dread, fear, and a desperate need to get away from him engulfed her. Much to her relief, Cade stopped. Why stop me? Did she really just say that? Sign In 0. Erotic Romance. Mainstream Romance. See More. General Fiction. Heat Rating: Sextreme. Titania is one of the weakest members of the Rock Wood Pack, and that makes her a threat. She can't even turn without the full moon. Cade's feelings for Titania are verging on obsession. He wants her desperately and will do everything to keep her.

    But Titania doesn't trust him. He's above her, and she'd never survive an attack from one of their pack to claim her spot at his side. However, their relationship is the last of their problems. Women are going missing, and one of their pack is responsible for the disappearances, but who? It's a race against time before Titania is taken.

    Wish List In Wish List. Gift Book. Available formats. Cover Art by Harris Channing. Another great book. Loved this. Well worth the wait!

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